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Early Years Profile

During the first six weeks after your child has started in reception, school staff will carry out the statutory Reception Baseline Assessment. This is to gain an understanding of your child’s knowledge and skills as they start at Churchend Primary Academy.


This also assesses children’s attitudes to learning, social skills, confidence and self-esteem. It also is an opportunity to find out what language knowledge they have regarding letters of the alphabet, stories and early writing skills. There is also assessment of knowledge of numbers and counting skills.


These assessments are carried out in a non-threatening way and as part of daily classroom activities. They are used to gain an insight into the children’s strengths and areas where they need additional support. This information helps us to plan activities appropriate to each individual child’s needs so that we can help them to build upon their strengths and further develop their skills. You are welcome to discuss these assessments with a member of staff. The first Parents’ Consultation Evening is a good opportunity to do so or earlier if you prefer.


During your child’s time in the nursery and reception class an Early Years Foundation Stage Profile is kept in an electronic learning journal called "Evidence Me". This is a record of your child’s achievements in each of the 7 areas of learning. It includes, completed work, observations by staff and photos of your child. It is a celebration of your child’s successes whilst at school and at home.


Information from your child’s previous setting is invaluable and will contribute to this profile. Staff in the nursery and reception classes meet to discuss individual children’s needs and achievements to aid transition from one class to the next. If your child did not attend nursery at the academy we aim to contact the staff at their current setting and/or make a visit to find out as much about your child as possible. The previous setting will usually send on records and information to help us gain further understanding of your child.


However, the most effective way we find out about your child is from you as parents and carers. We aim to complete home visits at the beginning of the term before your child starts in nursery or reception. Please let us know anything about your child that you think will help them settle in to the school. This is particularly important if you or your child has concerns or worries or if circumstances at home change which may have an effect on your child whilst he or she is at school. Providing excellent care and education for your child is our priority and we do this best working in partnership with parents and carers.


At the end of your child's reception year the profile is completed and we will report to you how your child is doing in all the areas of learning and if they have achieved their Early Learning Goals. Some children will be at the expected level and some children will be emerging into the level. This information is also shared with year 1 staff so your child's learning will continue at an appropriate starting point as they leave reception and are ready for the challenges of the National Curriculum in year 1 and beyond.