Churchend Primary Academy

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Getting to school on time.

Top tips.

Getting to school on time is not just about making sure your child doesn't get a late mark. It is important for many reasons. 


  • For some children running late can cause them anxiety that can stay with them all day. For others they will not learn the importance of being on time.
  • They are playing catch up from the beginning of the day. 
  • Chatting to friends before they go into class can relax them and help friendships. 
  • Children might feel they stand out for the wrong reasons if they are late. 

It can help if.


  • You help your child get ready the night before so there is not the panic or rush in  the mornings looking for things they might need. 
  • No TV  or gadgets until they are ready and have done all they need to do. 
  • Try leaving 5 minutes earlier than needed. It reduces the pressure for everyone. 
  • School meals are ordered in advance.

Morning tick list. 


  • School bag
  • Water bottle 
  • Homework
  • Packed lunch if needed. 
  • Reading book and reading record.
  • Anything else the teacher has asked them to bring in.
  • Jumper or cardigan, coat,  (hat and gloves if its cold)
  • Shoes ready by the front door.


If your child is 5 minutes late every day, they will miss three days of learning each year.


If your child is 15 minutes late every day they will miss two weeks of learning every year.