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Statutory Information for Academies

Directors of the Academy Trust

Mr Richard Pearse

Mr Bob Spokes

Mr Peter West

Mrs Carolyn Baines

Ms Louise Abrantes

Mr Francis Umukoro

Mr Alan Fawzy


Members of the Academy Trust

Mr Reggie Samuel

Ms Fiona Walker

Mr Richard Pearse

Mr Bob Spokes


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All statutory policies can be found in the 'about us' tab under 'policies'.


Any policies under review and will be reviewed by the governors at a scheduled full governing body meeting.


Statutory policies are reviewed at the beginning of each main term.



The Governing body has received two official written complaints in the academic year  2018/2019.


Governor attendance at meetings 2018/19 academic year


  FGB Curric. Finance FGB Curric. Finance FGB Curric Finance FGB   FGB finance curriculum
Name 26-Sep-18 14-Nov-18 29-Nov-18 05-Dec-18 27-Feb-19 21-Mar-19 24-Apr-19 12-Jun-19 04-Jul-19 17-Jul-19        
Bob Spokes a n/a a a n/a a a n/a a a Bob Spokes 4 out of 4 3 out of 3 n/a
Carolyn Baines a a n/a a a n/a a a n/a a Carolyn Baines 4 out of 4 n/a  3 out of 3
Peter West a a n/a a a n/a a a n/a a Peter West 4 out of 4 n/a  3 out of 3
Fiona Walker X X X X X X X X X X Fiona Walker 0/4 n/a 0/3
Reggie Samuel a n/a a a n/a a a n/a X a Reggie Samuel 4 out of 4 2 out of 3 n/a
Richard Pearse a a a a a a a a a a Richard Pearse 4 out of 4 3 out of 3 3 out of 3
Louise Abrantes a a a a a a a a a a Louise Abrantes 4 out of 4 3 out of 3 3 out of 3
Elizabeth James n/a a n/a a a n/a a X n/a a Elizabeth James 3 out of 3 n/a 2 out of 3
Name Date of appt Date of leaving Other interests
Bob Spokes Mar-00   No
Carolyn Baines Oct-01   Yes
Peter West Sep-04   Yes
Fiona Walker Oct-15 25.09.2019 No
Reggie Samuel Oct-15 25.09.2019 No
Michael Gavin Oct-15 Sept 18 No
Richard Pearse 01/07/2016   Yes
Louise Abrantes 07/04/2017   No
Elizabeth James 23/05/2018 15.01.2020 No

Governors term of office


Peter West is appointed as chair from September 2019 to 2020.

Bob Spokes is appointed vice chair from September 2019 to 2020.

Both positions were voted for by the FGB.


Carolyn Baines was appointed in October 2014 until October 2020 her position was voted for by staff.

Louise Abrantes was appointed in April 2017 until 2021 and was voted for by the school parents.

Richard Pearse will remain a governor whilst he is Headteacher.



Register of Interests


Mr Pearse: Relationship with another staff member.

Mr West:  Relationship with governor from another local school.

Mrs Baines: Related to owner of school stationary supplier. Related to another staff member.






Structure and responsibilities


The full governing body have two committees which they delegate responsibilities to:


Finance, Audit, Premises and Personnel committee

Responsible for- Financial Management and policies, External Audit, Internal Audit, Premises, Personnel. This committee meets a minimum of three times per year.

Membership of this committee: 3 Governors, Headteacher, School Business Manager.

Louise Abrantes will chair this committee. Bob Spokes and Peter West are the other governor members.


Management committee

Responsible for- Drafting policies for complaints, equal opportunities, Staff selection, Staff appraisal, Health and safety. Staff pay and conditions. Headteachers performance management,Pupil welfare, Pupil records, Redundancy.

Membership of this committee: 3 Governors,Headteacher, School Business Manager.

Bob Spokes will chair this committee. Peter West and Louise Abrantes are the other Governor members.


All other responsibilities are dealt with by the FGB.