Churchend Primary Academy

Be the best possible version of yourself


At Churchend Primary Academy, we are committed to ensuring that our pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum which is engaging and challenging; and integral to this is the prioritisation of English and the skills of reading and writing. Our intention for the children of Churchend Primary Academy, is that they leave our school as expert, fluent and diverse learners in all aspects of English. We believe that this will equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding which are integral to leading a successful life in multi-cultural modern Britain. We also share a school vision that reading is the key to the curriculum.  As writers, readers and orators, our children will be able to:

  • Compose creatively written texts within an array of genres, whilst taking into account audience, purpose and intent. Our children’s writing will be influenced by the selection of high quality, specifically chosen and varied texts which support their writing.
  • Read and select independently, poetry, non-fiction and fiction for pleasure with opportunities to perform from these texts.
  • To have opportunities to read about diverse people and events, whilst showing that they can empathise or connect with the protagonists and characters they read and learn about.
  • To read with stamina and good comprehension and be able to sequence, summarise, infer and deduce information from a text.  

How you can help

Read with your child as often as possible at home, and try to continue reading to your child even as they become more confident, independent readers. Try using some of the ideas and games in the document below to challenge your child and make the most of each reading book that comes home. Reading part of a text for a second time is really useful because it encourages greater understanding of what has been read.