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School Council

School Council

2018 - 2019

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School Council Committee

School Council Committee 1 Chairperson
School Council Committee 2 Vice chairperson
School Council Committee 3 Secretary

The school council was set up as a way to ensure that children at Churchend get to have a say about what happens at the school.Mr Pearse consults them regularly about all sorts of things.They tell him about the things that they think work well,the things that could be improved and any particular issues that concern children in their class.

The school council has 3 committee members, chairperson, vice-chair and secretary. These children will be from year 6 and they work with Mrs Allen to plan and organise the meetings. Each class elects 2 reps at the beginning of the school year.The school council meet together to raise issues, respond to school requests and organise fundraising and charity events. Each member of the school council takes time to talk to their classmates about any item that needs to go on the agenda. Sometimes Mr Pearse will ask the school council to go and find out what the children in each class think about an idea he might have.


If you have an idea, a worry or a possible improvement that you think the school should consider, do speak to your class rep.They want to hear your views!



School Council in Action!