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  Welcome to Zebra class!

We like to keep busy in our class and have lots of fun too. During the day, we enjoy many different learning activities both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Some of our activities include: sharing books, singing and moving, learning letters and sounds to help us with our reading and writing, counting and ordering numbers, solving problems with shapes measures and patterns, learning about ICT and different special events and festivals, investigating, constructing and creating! 

Outside we can enjoy trying to get across our climbing wall, hiding in our cave or riding our bikes around the road track. We explore the world around us, dig in the sand, play in our water area and get creative in the mud kitchen! Sometimes we put on puppet shows or build with the large blocks.

Most importantly we remember to share our toys, take turns and be good friends to each other.

We always have a healthy snack of fruit and milk available for when we need are hungry or thirsty and we always remember to say please and thank you!


Most weeks we have two PE lessons and one music and movement session. Every other week we go as a whole class to the forest with Mrs Phillips, our forest school teacher, and the other adults in our class. If we stay at school, we often get to bake!  At different points in the day, we like to have stories and songs to help us relax after all our busy learning!

Termly topic plans can be found at the bottom of the Reception homepage.


Churchend School rules:


  • Show respect and good manners at all times
  • Care for everyone and everything
  • Follow instructions with thought and care



Zebra Class Weekly Timetable

Please see our timetable by scrolling to the bottom of Reception homepage but here are the useful highlights:

  • Forest school on Monday fortnightly from 12pm.
  • Outdoor PE on Tuesday (jumpers and trousers will be needed)
  • Indoor PE on Thursday                                                                                             

What have you been up to at home?

We really want to know about the amazing things the children do when they are away from school by filling in a "proud cloud". A proud cloud is a way of sharing your child's achievements with us in school. Whatever your child has done, no matter how small, it is an achievement that you are proud of and we want to share that with everyone in class.

Achievements can be learning to do something for the first time, being brave, being kind or persevering with something tricky. It could be an achievement from swimming lessons, dance class, football club or any other out of school activity.


The most important thing is that whatever your child does to make you proud, we want you to tell us! Please fill in the proud cloud with writing, drawing or photographs and bring to school.


Proud clouds can be found on the link at the bottom of the Reception homepage or ask one of the adults in school and we will be more than happy to send home a paper copy. Thank you.