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Year 6

Year 6 - 2012/13

Welcome to Year 6.  It is another exciting year with a new timetable and a new look dining experience at lunchtime.  This year the teaching of Year 6 will be shared between a number of teachers. Mr Pearse will be the main teacher of the group and Mrs Hill will teach English and Combined Studies.  Mrs Clark will teach Science and Mrs Parietti will take one English lesson during the week.  We look forward to a great year and although the children will be expected to work very hard, there will be plenty of fun and exciting activities on offer during the year. As an attachment below, you will find a copy of the children's daily timetable including a Homework timetable. 

In English, Year 6 are working incredibly hard to develop their research skills and are using Egypt as their focus.

Our Combined Studies this term will be 'The Egyptians' (see overview attached below). Although it will be a very busy Term, we hope to organise a workshop so the children can participate in activities which give them opportunities to experience life as an Egyptian. We will be researching the features of daily life, settlement and beliefs and look at the differences between life then and now. We will study the geography of Egypt including its location in the world and the importance of the Nile River to Egyptian civilization both then and now. We will create examples of Egyptian ancient artefacts and look at how the Egyptians measured time and watered their crops.

The class travelled to London earlier in the Term to visit the National Gallery as part of our study on Monet.  It was an extremely successful day as many children had never been to an Art Gallery before.  Staff at the Gallery were able to talk about Monet's work and show them examples of his paintings as well as many other Impressionist paintings. We have studied Monet's life and works and the children have experimented with his painting techniques.

This term we have begun our Science revision in the lead up to a test which will take place shortly after SATs week. It has been interesting looking back at topics that we haven't studied for some time and the children have been keen to ask lots of questions, do independent research and share their knowledge with each other. Below are links to some revision websites that children may like to explore at home. They have games and quizzes to make revising fun!