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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 - 2011/12.

We have 2 classes of Year 6 with a small number of Year 5s included. The 2 classes use the upstairs rooms in the Junior section of the school.

Teachers: Mrs Hill - Literacy Mr Pearse - Maths, and Mrs Clark and Mrs Freeman
Assistants: Mrs Webb, Mrs West, Mrs Jenkins, Ms Beasley, Mrs Parcell, Mrs Barnfather, Mr Falinski,

Year 6 is a very important year culminating in the SATs in May. The children are going to be busy preparing for SATs for the next few weeks.  


In Literacy we are preparing for SATs by revising the different text types we have learnt over the year.  For the first few weeks of the new term we will be looking at past SATs papers.  Literacy homework is given on Friday to be completed and returned by the following Wednesday. This usually consists of a written activity or a reading comprehension. The introduction of Talk Homework with the benefit of talking it over first with family before the extended writing lesson has had a noticeable impact on children's writing.

Spellings are given on a Monday to be tested the following Monday. Please note: a new list will be loaded on to this page after the holidays in April.


Even though the children are in the Upper Juniors, it is still vitally important for them to continue to read on a regular basis at home. Discussing the content of the books is very important and taking a short time to talk about their books will help in many ways to improve comprehension and enjoyment of the texts. The children continue to take part in weekly guided reading sessions in school but should be still reading at home. All children have a reading record book and I would ask that you continue to  monitor this record. If your child is not bringing home a book each night, please remind them that this forms part of their homework commitment and if it continues, could you please inform me so that this can be addressed.



In Maths, we continue to review all four operations as well as working on shape, space, measures, and decimals.  We will be spending the next few weeks revising all we have learnt this year in preparation for SATs.  We continue having weekly homework, which goes out on a Wednesday for the following Monday. Mental maths and times tables need to be rehearsed at home daily and there will be a mental maths test every Friday.

Combined Studies

During our Combined Studies sessions (history, geography, art, DT, ICT and music) this term we have been studying mountains, famous mountaineers and completed a novel study on the Philip Pullman story "The Firemaker's Daughter". We had a visit from an ex-army officer  and the photos from his visit are in our Gallery below. Next term we will be studying the Aztecs.

A copy of the year 6 timetable is given below.  If you require any further information about our day, then please do not hesitate to ask.

PLEASE name all items of clothing - we have bags and bags of lost property full of clothes which are unnamed.
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Picture 37
Picture 38 Learning about Mountaineering
Picture 39 Learning about Mountaineering
Picture 40 Learning about Mountaineering
Picture 41 Learning about Mountaineering
Picture 42 Learning about Mountaineering
Picture 43 Learning about Mountaineering
Picture 44 Learning about Mountaineering
Picture 45 Learning about Mountaineering
Picture 46 Learning about Mountaineering
Picture 47 Learning about Mountaineering
Picture 48 Learning about Mountaineering
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Picture 97 Measuring the circumference to make a willow dome
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