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Welcome to the Year 5 SP Class Page!

We are very lucky to have an exciting and enjoyable term ahead of us.
In English, we will be reading a variety of different myths and we will then be writing our own, based on the Labours of Heracles. After half term, we will be working on persuasive writing, in the context of Sparta and Athens. We will be writing our own persuasive speeches, trying to persuade others that our city state is the best.
During our combined studies sessions (history, geography, art, DT, ICT and music) our topic is 'Ancient Greece'. We will be making Greek Amulets, Greek theatrical masks and will eventually be preparing our own Greek Mezze. We will also be making Prezi presentations as we research different topics related to Ancient Greece.


We are very lucky to be able to swim every Thursday afternoon and our session is at 2pm. Please make sure your child has the correct swimming kit with them every Thursday.


This term we are also preparing for our Year 3, 4 and 5 show 'Let's Go to Rio'. We will be busy preparing for different parts of the show, including making our own carnival masks and learning the songs off by heart.

In maths, we will have weekly mental arithmetic sessions for which your child will need to confidently apply their times tables and we will carry on learning how and when to apply the four operations through problem solving and maths investigations.

Children in Year 5 will typically have 3 pieces of homework per week. 

  • Spelling will be set every Wednesday by their spelling group teacher and will need to be learnt for the next Wednesday.
  • English homework will continue to take the form of either grammar practise or a reading comprehension and will be given out on Thursday and taken in the following Tuesday. 
  • Maths homework will set either on ActiveLearnPrimary or in their maths homework books. This will be set on a Wednesday for the following Monday.   
  • In addition, children need to be able to confidently recall up to their 12 times table. As well as practise in the classroom, some children will need to practise their times tables at home.  Where this is the case, those children will be sent home with a practise sheet on Monday for testing on Friday.


Even though the children are in the Upper Juniors, they still need to read regularly to an adult and we recommend that they read at home at least 3 times per week. They will take part in weekly guided reading sessions in school but children should be still reading at home. Our book changing days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that the children have time to read and discuss the longer texts. As children become free readers, it is important that they continue to note down the books they have read in their record book so that we can monitor the types of literature they are reading. If anyone is available to listen to children read then please let us know.


Keep looking at this page as we are sure to have some exciting pictures to show you soon.

Creating presentations using Prezi

Year 5 have started to create their own presentations about the Ancient Greeks using Prezi which is a new and exciting way for them to present information that they have been researching about the Greeks. The children have all been thoroughly engaged with it and have enjoyed trying out lots of different features that Prezi has to offer. If your child wishes, they can access Prezi at home. The website is and they can use the login details that we have used in class.

Creating Greek Vase Pictures


As part of our Combined Studies Topic, we have been learning about Greek Pottery. We then created our own pottery pictures. After drawing our design of a scene from a Greek myth we have studied, we chose some brightly coloured wax crayons and coloured in our background. We then painted over this with black paint and eventually scratched off our designs using a cocktail skewer. The end results have been fantastic and they are very effective. They have made a great display outside of our classroom!


Year 5 Chicks - wc 23/4/16


This week, we were incredibly lucky to have some chicks hatching in our class! Mrs Clarke was very kind and brought us in some eggs a few weeks before and on Tuesday, the first ones started to hatch! We had 7 chicks hatch in total and it was fascinating to see their transformation in the first few days. All of the class enjoyed watching them and we also got the chance to hold them! This has helped us learn a lot for our science topic on Life Cycles and we now know plenty of facts about the life cycle of a chick.


Monet water colour paintings

As part of our 'Great Outdoors' topic, we learnt about Monet and looked at his famous painting 'The Water-Lily Pond'. We were learning about Monet and his work because he was famous for painting outside. It took a number of lessons to finish our paintings, as we had to paint it in different stages. We focussed on the different colours in particular parts of the picture and looked at the different textures. Although it took us a long time to complete them, the finished results are excellent!

Trip to Winchester Science Centre

In March, our class visited Winchester Science Centre. We had been learning about gears, levers and pulleys so tried out some of the interactive activities. There were also lots of other activities, including a game in which you had to move a ball using brain waves. Another exciting part of the trip was the visit to the planetarium to learn about constellations. We all had a great time!

Trip to Prospect School Science Day

In February, some of our class visited Prospect School to take part in some science investigations. The tasks included making slime, building a bridge and testing acids and alkalis. We learnt a lot of interesting things and enjoyed being in proper science labs!

Ufton Court - 16th to 18th December

Just before the Christmas holidays, 37 children from Miss Plume and Mr Allen's class visited Ufton Court. We all had a great time and were exhausted when we returned! We took part in several activities including archery, brass rubbing, creating a round house, treasure hunts and historical photomapping. A highlight for lots of us was the banquet on our last evening where we experienced life as Elizabethan lords and ladies. It was a fantastic opportunity and we were very lucky to be part of it. Photos to follow!

Anti-bullying week - 16th to 20th November

As part of anti-bullying week, we took part in a PSHE lesson about bullying. We made mind maps about what we thought bullying was and we discussed the differences between bullying and teasing. We looked at different examples of behaviour that could count as bullying and put them in order of how serious we thought they were. We also talked about what we should do if we are being bullied or if we see someone else being bullied. A couple of weeks later, PCSO Karen came in to speak to us about bullying and the consequences of our actions.

Making Tudor Roses - November 2015

As part of our topic about the Tudors, we made the Tudor Rose out of clay. Before this, we learnt about what the Tudor Rose represented and about where the symbol came from, after the Battle of Bosworth. We took a lot of care with making and painting our roses and the finished products are excellent!

Black History Month - October 2015


October is Black History Month, in which we learn more about influential black people in history and celebrate their impact on the world. As our topic this term is South Africa, we have been learning about Nelson Mandela. We have researched his life and why he was so important to the people of South Africa during and after Apartheid. 5 members of our class shared information they had learnt to the rest of the school during an assembly and showed that they had learnt a lot about Mandela's life. We have also found some of his most famous quotes and have talked about what we think they mean. We then made posters of the quotes and these will be displayed around the school for everyone to read.

Visit to Rushall Farm - 23/10/15

On the last Friday afternoon of the term, we visited Rushall Farm. We took part in some team building activities, to help us to practice working well with each other. We played a game that involved carrying a ball from one area to another using sticks, trying out best not to drop the ball! We also had to follow a trail of rope around the woods, but we had to do this blindfolded! We had to communicate with the people in front of us and behind us, making sure that we told each other about any obstacles or tricky areas in the trail. Everyone had a great time and we didn't get too muddy!

Ancient Greece Overview 2016