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Welcome to our class page!


Welcome back to what will be a very busy but exciting summer term!

In English, we will be reading Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, which I know the children will love. We will be doing lots of related reading and writing activities to allow us to really understand the story and respond to it in our own way. After half term, we will be looking at a mixture of instruction, explanation and discussion texts that link in with our new topic.
During our combined studies sessions (history, geography, art, DT, ICT and music) our topic is 'The Coast’. We will be learning about the location and features of various coastal towns in the UK and around the world. We will learn about how coastal features are formed, the dangers facing our coast and how we can protect it. We will also be learning about the history of seaside holidays in the UK, dating back to Victorian times. We will create some coastal pieces of artwork, using different mediums such as textiles. We will end our topic with a trip to the beach!

In Science, we will be learning all about the life cycles of different animals, in particular chickens. We will be lucky enough to have some real life chicks to help us with our learning! We will also be learning about the life cycle of a human.

Later in the term, when the weather starts to become warmer and sunnier, please remember that your child must be provided with a hat and a bottle of water. We also ask that your child continues to have their PE kit in school throughout the week.


Testing - Each child will be given 3 tests in PE across the year on 4 different areas - 30m Sprint (Speed), 4 minute run (Stamina), Standing Jump (Leg Power) and Basketball throw (Leg Power) - Tests will be in September, January and June.


Outdoor PE - Invasion games

Football - We will be working on Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Goalkeeping, Tackling and Game Understanding.

Rugby - We will be working on Running with the ball, Passing, Tagging,  Game Understanding.

Hockey - We will be working on Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Tackling and Game Understanding.


Indoor PE -

Gym - We will be working on Space & Shapes, Balances, Travel & Jumps and Sequences



Our class teacher is Miss Plume and our teaching assistants are Miss Barnes, Mrs Whittaker and Mrs Slinn.


The class will also be taught by Mr Ward for PE on Friday afternoons. Spelling Groups will be taught across the Key Stage with spelling lessons and tests every Wednesday. Even though our PE day is Friday, the children do need their kit in school every day in case of unexpected activities being scheduled at the last minute.


Lunchtimes start at 12:15, with Cafe Crunch offering fantastic, balanced meal choices.  Lunch orders must be organised a week in advance and children will not generally be able to order on a daily basis. In the mornings, the children will need to line up outside the old quiet area, next to the dining hall. To access this, they must walk past the school office and the new ARC where Breakfast club is held. They will also be dismissed from here in the afternoon.



Children in Year 5 will typically have 3 pieces of homework per week.


Spelling will be set every Wednesday by their spelling group teacher and will need to be learnt for the next Wednesday. English homework will usually consist of either a comprehension, grammar practice or a writing activity. This will be set on a Thursday and will be due in the following Tuesday.  


Maths homework will set either on or in their maths homework books. This will be set on a Wednesday for the following Monday.   

In addition, children need to be able to confidently recall up to their 12 times table. As well as practise in the classroom, some children will need to practise their times tables at home.  Where this is the case, those children will be sent home with a practise sheet on Monday for testing on Friday.



Even though the children are in the Upper Juniors, they still need to read regularly to an adult. They will take part in weekly guided reading sessions in school but children should be still reading at home. Our book changing days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that the children have time to read and discuss the longer texts. As children become free readers, it is important that they continue to note down the books they have read in their record book so that we can monitor the types of literature they are reading, and that their reading record is signed by an adult at home. If anyone is available to come into school to listen to children read then please let me know. We ask that your child reads at home with you at least 3 times a week.



This year, we will continue to use ClassDoJo to support our behaviour policy. The children have already discussed the class rules and when they believe they should receive ClassDoJo points. Parents and carers, who register on ClassDoJo, will receive a weekly summary of the points that their child has earned plus any comments made by teachers.  The number of dojos collected weekly will be monitored and children who have worked hard will be recognised regularly.


If you require any further information about our day, then please do not hesitate to ask.


Timetables and Information About Our Topics:



Earlier this term, we were lucky enough to have some chick eggs hatch in our classroom. This was part of our science topic on Life Cycles. We studied them from when they were developing as embryos until they left us when they were a week old. It was a fantastic experience and the children loved it and learnt a great deal.

Kensuke's Kingdom Freeze Frames

This term we have been reading 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo. The children have been really enjoying this exciting story. This week, the children created freeze frames to show the changing relationship between the main characters. They were very creative and the results were impressive!

Fire Service Visit:

At the start of term, we were very lucky to have a visit from the local fire service. They talked to us about what to do in the event of a fire at home, as well as how to prevent fires starting. They also talked to us about what working for the fire service is like. The children were excellent and the visitors said that they were some of the best behaved children that they had ever spoken to!

Greek Mezze


At the end of last term, the children worked extremely hard to prepare a fantastic Greek Mezze. They researched and chose their recipes and created their own menus, describing their dishes using persuasive devices. They worked very well in their groups to make their offerings and thought carefully about how they were going to present them. As well as this, they were able to present their Greek theatre masks that they had spent several lessons creating. Thank you to all parents and relatives that attended the mezze, it was lovely to see so many of you appreciating the children’s hard work and sampling their food. Well done to all of the class who ended the term superbly!

End of Term Keyboard Performance

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Well done to all of the keyboard players who worked hard on their pieces and were brave enough to perform them in front of the rest of Key Stage 2.

Keyboard Performance 2.mp4

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Keyboard Performance 3.mp4

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British Science Week

Because it was British Science Week this week, Year 4/5 did something a bit different in their science lesson. Our topic is Space and we have been learning all about the planets and the solar system. This week we learnt about different scientists' theories about the solar system, including Aristotle and Copernicus, and 2 different models of the solar system - The Geocentric Model and the Heliocentric Model. We learnt about the differences between them and the children then recreated these models, thinking carefully about what was in the centre of the solar system and which planets and bodies orbited the centre. The videos are great and they all worked very hard.

Geocentric Group 1.mp4

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Geocentric Group 2.mp4

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Geocentric Group 3.mp4

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Heliocentric Group 1.mp4

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Heliocentric Group 2.mp4

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In their computing lessons, the children have been creating presentation on Prezi. They have been researching different aspects of life in Ancient Greece and using this putting this information on Prezi. They have learnt about different features of Prezi and how to use them in their presentations. If you would live to see them, use the link below and ask the children for the login details.

Creating a Greek Pot

Year 5 have been learning about Greek Pottery. They have been learning all about the shapes of the pots and the designs that used to feature on them. They designed their own pots, choosing a scene or character from Greek mythology. They then created their pot using the scratch and resist technique. The results are excellent and they all worked extremely carefully.


This term Year 5 have been learning about forces in their science lessons. During one of their lessons, they learnt about air resistance and its effects on falling objects. The children had to make a parachute using different materials, then decide which one made the best parachute.

12 Labours of Heracles

In English this term we have been learning all about Greek myths. So far, we have read about Heracles and his 12 labours. The children have been fascinated and have produced some thoughtful pieces of work. This week, the children re-enacted some of these labours using drama. They had to think carefully about what Heracles was thinking and feeling and how they could express this using their voices and actions.

Drumming with Andy

This term, we are very lucky to be able to do drumming with Andy once a week. The children have been practicing some different rhythms and are beginning to sound really good! We hope to be able to put on a performance for parents at the end of term.

Ufton Court - 14th - 16th December

At the end of term, Year 4/5 visited Ufton Court, to put everything they had learnt about the Tudors into context. From the very beginning, the class were kept extremely busy, taking part in various activities indoors and outdoors. Some of the highlights included: a crime and punishment drama activity, archery, wattle and daub, the banquet and the raid. All of the children were very well behaved and represented Churchend excellently. It was a great end to the term and our topic.

Chimney Court

On 8th December, Year 4/5 visited Chimney Court to spread some festive cheer. They performed the songs that they had been learning for the Christmas Concert. After singing their hearts out, the children then spent time chatting to the residents. It was great to see the children giving something back to the community and they were a credit to the school!

Space Week

As part of Churchend's Space Week, Year 5 were learning all about rockets and how they work. The children were full of questions about rockets and worked in groups to create posters of their findings. One of the most exciting parts was launching bottle rockets on the field. The class learnt about how the rockets launch and they compared the times that the rockets were in ascent with the capacity of water inside the bottle. The children worked very hard and hopefully learnt a lot of new information.

Making Tudor Roses

As part of our topic on The Tudors, Year 5 made their own versions of the Tudor Rose out of clay. They had previously learnt about what each colour represents and the story behind the Tudor Rose. All of the children worked very hard to shape and mould the clay into the correct shape and they added in some detail for the different layers. Once the roses were dry, they were painted which made them look even better!

Black History Month Assembly


To mark Black History Month, some of the children in Year 5 participated in an assembly to the rest of Key Stage 2. They shared their learning about Nelson Mandela, as part of our South Africa topic and explained to the rest of the children why he was such an important figure in world history. They brainstormed some ideas beforehand about what they could talk about. The class also prepared Powerpoint Presentations to collect knowledge about Nelson Mandela and the winning Powerpoint was used in the assembly. They did a fantastic job, despite very little practice and spoke confidently and clearly!


Zak's Nelson Mandela Presentation

Roald Dahl Days - 18th and 19th October

Year 5 had a fantastic time participating in the Roald Dahl activities. We have been reading 'The Witches' in class and we did some drama and writing activities related to this brilliant story. We also collaborated with Year 1 and helped make a BFG junk model. The children worked exceptionally well with the Year 1s and everyone contributed to the huge project. It was great to see all of the costumes and effort that the children had put into these and a wonderful time was had by all!


African mask and dance workshop - 10/10/16


We were very lucky to be able to take part in An African mask and dance workshop this week, as we are marking Black History month. We decorated masks, taking inspiration from examples that we were shown. We learnt about what the masks made from and which tribe uses them. We also learnt about what each colour on the mask represents. After that, we learnt an African dance. We practiced the steps, before putting it all together at the end of the session as a performance.

African Dance Performance

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Performing verses from The Highwayman - 22nd September

We have been reading and learning about the Highwayman poem in English lessons. This week, we got into groups and learnt a verse of the Highwayman off by heart. We were given the choice about how we were going to perform it and who would recite each line. We discussed how we could use actions and expression to make it most interesting for the audience. We also evaluated our class mates' perfomances and created a joint success criteria for poetry recitals. Videos to follow soon!

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Ndebele Art

At the beginning of term, we started learning about our new topic, South Africa. We learnt about the Ndebele people and their unique artwork that they are known for. They paint designs on buildings and they are characteristic for their bright colours and geometric shapes. We designed and painted our own version of Ndebele art and they look fantastic!