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Welcome back to your final term Year 3 – Jaguars & Sharks


A very warm welcome back, we hope your Easter break was a relaxing one. Summer term is shaping up to be an exciting end to this year! The children will be finishing their swimming lessons over the next weeks, as well as continuing with their trumpet lessons on Fridays, which so far have been a huge success. We hope the children are well rested and ready to take on the challenge of all that is in store for them in their final term of Year 3.  


Curriculum Overview


English: We are starting this term by analysing a selection of poems based around dragons, looking closely at how the authors use words in certain ways to create feeling and emotions in the reader. This will lead up to the children writing their own poem about a dragon, using words and sentence structure to create whatever feeling they want from the reader! After this will be moving onto using persuasive techniques to create a tourism book to tempt and convince people to visit Reading, describing key landmarks around the town centre and why people should come and visit them. After the half term will be the trip to Warwick castle for our combined studies topic, so we will be using the amazing experiences we have there to write recounts of the visits, before finishing off with a look at historical settings, focusing around the stories of Robin Hood This should be a fantastic way to wrap up the hard work that the children have been doing over the last year. 

Maths: Maths this term begins with focusing on improving our mental strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems by using our partitioning and number bonds to help mental add and subtract numbers. For example: 554 + 8. 554 + 6 = 560;    6 + 2 = 8;   560 + 2 = 562   so    554 + 8 = 562. We will also continue to develop our multiplication and division skills by using multiples so help solve problems, as well as continuing to use the ‘grid method’ for multiplications and beginning to work with chunking to help with divisions. We will also be doing a lot of work around how to solve problems using the written and mental methods that we have been learning over the last year. We will be looking to improve our knowledge of fractions as well, looking at what a fraction is, how to add and subtract them and finding equivalent fractions. Time will also be a focus, so we would really appreciate the continued support towards helping with this at home! 

Combined studies: This term our topic is ‘Grand Designs’. This will include looking at how buildings are made, how humans affect the natural environment of an area, and how changes in Reading have affected the way that we live our lives. Relating to our English topic, we will also be looking at what landmarks there are around Reading and why people should visit them. We hope that his will help the children get a greater appreciation for what makes their local area special and have a greater pride in our town. When we look at how buildings have changed over the years, both in this country and around the world, we will hopefully be visiting the building site just outside the school entrance to allow the children the chance to see how a house is built and how much hard work goes into creating a place for people to live in. With the trip to Warwick castle happening as well, we will look at why castles were built and what purpose they had during the time period they were in use. To end the term, we will be exploring gardens and their usefulness, with the aim of creating a sensory garden for the school to use. 


Science: We have already started our ‘Light and Shadow’ topic in science and the children have loved looking at what is a light source and what is not. Many really surprised them! During this topic we will look at how we see using light, how to stay safe in the sun and investigating what patterns there are between shadows and how they are created. After half term we will move on to looking at plants, specifically what each part of the plant does, how water is transported through the plant and what is needed for the plants to grow healthy and strong.


Outdoor PE - Striking and Fielding + Athletics

Cricket - Throwing and catching, fielding position, batting, game practice
Athletics – (Sports Day Practice)
Rounders - Striking, positioning, fielding, game practice

Indoor PE 
Gym - Changing shape


Visit to Conwy Close construction site


Year three had a fantastic time visiting the construction site today as part of our 'Grand Designs' topic. We learned about safety whilst on site and the reasons why people should never enter building sites without permission. The site manager and his staff showed us houses in various stages of being built; they explained how houses are made safe to live in and how materials are used to protect the environment. We saw an amazing forklift working which could lift 4 tonnes of materials up to the 4th floor of the flats! We got to see some of the equipment used such as scaffolding harnesses and nail guns for working on the roof. We were even given a goody bag to take home! Thank you Hill construction for a great experience.

Jaguar trip to see the 'Grand Designs' of Reading                           May 2018


We had a fantastic trip into Reading to take a tour of buildings and artworks around the town centre. The children enjoyed following the photo clues to find each location, and once there had to investigate an aspect of each building or sculpture to solve a mystery. We saw the Abbey ruins, discovered how many 'Smiths' are remembered on the Forbury lion plaque, decided we wouldn't want to climb the steps up to the Blade and followed the Kennet along to Blake's Lock and the turbine house. The children were particularly interested to see (and touch!) the Abbey Mill arches that still span the Holy Brook behind Central library; they were able to connect the fact that is still standing today to their work in term 1 building Roman aqueduct models.


The children were complimented by members of the public on their excellent behaviour and smart appearance. Well done Jaguars!

Dragon Poems                       May 2018


The children have been busy writing their dragon poems this week; creating similes, using alliteration and descriptive noun phrases. They are on display in the classroom so please feel free to pop up and take a look at the end of the day!


Sikhism education officer visits Year 3.


Year 3 have been privileged to have been visited by Sikhism education officer, Mr Harikat Singh, to help teach us more about Sikhism and their core beliefs. The children learnt more information about Baisakhi (Commitment), and why it is important for Sikhs to follow these principles. Not only did the children have a lesson taught by Mr Singh, but we also helped to present an assembly about what we had learnt to other classes and parents in an assembly at the end of the day. 

Sikhism visit and assembly

Starting our new topic 'Grand Designs'


Sharks and Jaguars have been thinking about what it means to be a designer. We worked in pairs on the challenge of building a tower using just 6 sheets of newspaper and whatever method of joining we chose. The tower had to be both tall and strong enough to support a small beanie toy! We evaluated our first attempt and then improved on our design when we tried it again.

Trumpet lessons in year 3


Sharks and Jaguars are really enjoying their trumpet lessons this term. We have learned how to make the correct shape with our mouths to get the 'buzz' down the mouthpiece. This week we played songs using the notes C and D, practising using the valves. We have learned how to blow softly to make lower notes.

Parent information documents - Autumn 2017

Circus Skills Reward

Following some wonderful feedback from Warburton's Jaguar Class enjoyed learning some new skills in a short circus workshop with Mr Pearce.