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Welcome to Year 3!


This year, the Year 3 class teacher is Mr Trayling.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is any concern about your child.  The class will also be taught by Mrs Proctor for Maths (often problem solving- ask the children about palindromes!), Literacy and RE on Thursday mornings.  Spelling Groups will be taught across the Key Stage with spelling lessons and tests every Wednesday. Even though our PE days are on Friday, the children do need their kit in school every day in case of unexpected activities being scheduled at the last minute.
Lunchtimes start at 12:15, with Cafe Crunch offering fantastic, balanced meal choices.  Lunch orders must be organised a week in advance and children will not generally be able to order on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, children will be dismissed from their ground floor classroom and will need to collect their lunch boxes from the lunch trolley before joining parents in the playground.


We will explore a variety of castles and determine successful features as well as other features that may be a disadvantage. Children will gain an insight into the lifestyle and understand what it may have been like to have lived in a castle.


Through studying stories and poetry with a castle setting, exploring the history and geography of British castles, creating persuasive castle job applications, researching medieval food and producing a non-chronological report, children will develop broad and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of castle life. They will build a 3-D sculpture of a castle, design costumes and coats of arms, study a variety of weaponry and experience a medieval party.


Additionally, our work will focus on mythical creatures associated with castles, as we study and compose fictional stories about dragons. There will also be opportunities to study music and dance from the medieval period.

Our day trip to Warwick Castle will provide a brilliant learning experience and will give children an opportunity to apply what they have learnt so far in a real-life context and participate in a range of workshops and activities.


Last term, in RE, we were exploring the key question 'How important is sharing to Sikhs?' and this term, our key question is 'What is the best way of Sikhs to show commitment to God?'  To begin this last unit, we explore our own commitments and how we show commitment- actions speak louder than words.



Children in Year 3 will typically have 3 pieces of homework per week.
Spelling will be set every Wednesday by their spelling group teacher and will need to be learnt for the next Wednesday.
English homework will continue to take the form of either grammar practise or a reading comprehension and will be given out on Wednesday and taken in the following Monday.
Maths homework will set either on or in their maths homework books. This will be set on a Wednesday for the following Monday.
In addition, children need to be able to confidently recall up to their 12 times table. As well as practise in the classroom, some children will need to practise their times tables at home.  Where this is the case, those children will be sent home with a practise sheet on Monday for testing on Friday.



Children will need to read regularly to an adult. They will take part in weekly guided reading sessions in school but children should be still reading at home. Our book changing days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that the children have time to read and discuss the longer texts. As children become free readers, it is important that they continue to note down the books they have read in their record book so that we can monitor the types of literature they are reading. If anyone is available to listen to children read then please let us know.


This year, we will be using ClassDoJo to support our behaviour policy. The children have already discussed the class rules and when they believe they should receive ClassDoJo points. Parents and carers, who register on ClassDoJo, will receive a weekly summary of the points that their child has earned plus any comments made by teachers.  The points will count towards class and personal awards and rewards.
If you require any further information about our day, then please do not hesitate to ask.
Thank you
Mr Trayling



Dissecting flowers - Digital microscopes - Exploring the functions of parts of a plant - 28/06/16