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Year 3

 Welcome to back to Year 3


Welcome back to Year 3 children and parents! We're all excited to have everyone back in school on the 8th March and are looking forward to creating more memories at school.

We hope your children are looking forward to continuing their Year 3 journey. This year there are two classes in Year 3, called the Sharks and the Penguins. 

The Sharks class is taught by Mr Roscoe and the teaching assistant is Mrs Stretton.

The Penguin class is taught by Mrs Burridge. The teaching assistant in this class is Miss Forrest.


If you have any questions, please let us know.


A very warm welcome back, we hope your Easter break was a relaxing one. Summer term is shaping up to be an exciting end to this year! The children will be continuing with their guitar lessons on Tuesdays, which so far have been a huge success. We hope the children are well rested and ready to take on the challenge of all that is in store for them in their final term of Year 3.  

Curriculum Overview

English: We are starting this term by analysing a selection of poems based around Dragons, looking closely at how the authors use words in certain ways to create feeling and emotions in the reader. This will lead up to the children writing their own poem about dragons, using words and sentence structure to create whatever feeling they want from the reader! After this we will be moving onto using persuasive techniques to create a tourism booklet to tempt and convince people to visit Reading, describing key landmarks around the town centre and why people should come and visit them. 

Maths: Maths this term begins with reviewing some of our work on addition and subtraction, times tables and features of shape. We will also be looking closely at time and capacity, which would be perfect opportunities to support these at home too! Fractions will also be covered, along with statistics as part of our Computing curriculum.  

Combined studies: This term our topic is ‘Grand Designs’. This will include looking at how buildings are made, how humans affect the natural environment of an area, and how changes in Reading have affected the way that we live our lives. Relating to our English topic, we will also be looking at what landmarks there are around Reading and why people should visit them. We hope that his will help the children get a greater appreciation for what makes their local area special and have a greater pride in our town. When we look at how buildings have changed over the years, both in this country and around the world. With the trip to Hampton Court, we will be looking at historical buildings in the UK as well as the differences between the rich and poor people’s houses. Please see our ‘Topic Overview’ to find out more.

Science: We have already started our ‘Light and Shadow’ topic in science and the children have loved looking at what is a light source and what is not. During this topic we will look at how we see using light, how to stay safe in the sun and investigating what patterns there are between shadows and how they are created. After half term we will move on to looking at plants, specifically what each part of the plant does, how water is transported through the plant and what is needed for the plants to grow healthy and strong.



This is an outline of how homework will run each week.


Spelling lessons will be taught on Wednesday mornings. The half termly spellings list will be sent at the beginning of the term and can also be found on the Year 3 page of the website, as well as on the door to the Year 3 area. We ask that the spelling homework is not handed in early, so children get a full week to practise before Wednesday.


English homework will be set via Purple Mash website: . 

Children will have a homework book where they can rehearse newly taught skills and spelling patterns.


Maths homework will predominantly be online via the MyMaths website: . Each child will have their own log in, which will be sent home with them in a letter.

All homework will be set on a Wednesday and needs to be submitted by the following Wednesday. If there are any issues please let us know and we will be happy to help.


Times Tables

It is incredibly important that children can confidently recall the multiplication and division facts for the tables they are working on.You may find the following website, which contains many different times tables interactive activities useful in helping your child learn their times tables:

as well as using Times Tables Rockstars to make practise fun!


Thank you all for your support and cooperation, especially during these difficult times. We are really looking forward to all that this term has to offer and giving your children the opportunities to experience new and exciting things. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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