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Year 3



We are a fantastic and very hard working class and are extremely excited to now be part of the JUNIOR SCHOOL! We are taught by Miss Whitty and Mrs Freeman. We are also lucky to have Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Jewel working with us in the classroom.

This term is going to a busy and exciting one and we are all ready for the new challenges ahead of us in year 3. We have been learning the trombone on a Monday afternoons and have already participated in lots of sports events.



We liked researching animals for our non chronological reports and typing them up for our classroom display. We particularly enjoyed memorising poems and performing them. In English this term we will be looking at Adventure stories, using Flat Stanley as a basis for writing our own adventures for Stanley.

We will still be having weekly spellings tests on Wednesdays, and our new spellings will be given out on the same day! We will also be having weekly Talk Homework. This will be given out on a Monday and will need to be discussed at home in preparation for our writing lesson on Friday. Talking is a very valuable skill to help our writing so please make sure we are using our vocabulary to it's best!

Although we are becoming increasingly fantastic readers, we need to be practising at home regularly by reading our books to an adult. It helps if someone asks us questions about our book so we are sure we have understood what we have read.



In maths, we are still having weekly timetables tests which happen on a Monday morning first thing, we only have 3 minutes to complete 20 questions so please keep practising with us at home. New times tables are given out on the same day.

We also have weekly Maths and English homework which will go out on a Thursday and be due in the following Tuesday. Our Maths homework is now ONLINE! Each child has their own log in and password so they are doing homework set specifically for them.


Combined Studies

Last term we had lots of fun reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We have become big fans of Roald Dahl and experts in chocolate. We taste tested a variety of different flavours and became Wonka creators ourselves, coming up with our own inventions. We had a class Chocolate Pyjama party in the school hall and went to the woods to cook chocolate in different ways. See the photographs below of all our fun this term.
This term during our combined studies sessions (history, geography, art, DT, ICT and music) we will now be studying Castles. We will be looking at different parts of the castle and after half term will be visiting Warwick Castle. Thinking about all the different people who may have lived and worked within the castle and the attack and defence strategies that were used.



This term we get to go SWIMMING!! We will be going every Friday to the Meadway swimming pool for our weekly lessons. Outdoor PE will take place on a Tuesday, we will be developing our athletic skills and rounders techniques. Due to it being the summer term, there will, hopefully, be more opportunities for children to be outside. We also will be having lessons from Reading Football Club every Thursday afternoon. Please make sure PE kits come in on a Monday and only goes home on a Friday.

Keep checking our page for updates and photos of what we have been up to. Please do not hesitate to come and see our teacher if you have any questions!

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