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Welcome to Summer Term in Year 2!


Now that Mrs Brock is on maternity leave, we have Miss Gould in our class until the end of the school year.  We got to know Miss Gould before Mrs Brock left, and even invited her to Mrs Brock's farewell party! We are happy to report that Mrs Brock had baby Oscar Brock on Thursday 2nd June 2016, and they came in to visit us just 5 days later.  You can see how tiny and cuddly Oscar is in the photographs below.  He was very peaceful in our classroom; we think it is because he felt at home with us all. Mrs Brock will come back and see us for Sports Day in July.  We wonder how big Oscar will be when we see him next!


We are really pleased to also have Mrs Stanley, Mrs Barnfather, Mrs Fossey-Smith, Mrs Proctor and Mr Ward working with us.  Our lunchtime carer is Mrs Holder.  She makes sure we wash our hands properly before lunch, helps us in the playground at lunchtime, and keeps a special eye on us.  Of course all the other lunchtime carers are happy to help too! We are very lucky to have so many people to care for us and help us learn.


***Now the weather is warmer, please remember to bring in a named hat and water bottle to school.  Sunscreen can be brought in, for your child to apply to themselves.***

Year 2 is an exciting year with lots of fantastic topics. We will be doing a piece of Big Writing every Friday, so look out for the talk homework which is sent home in book bags every Monday. 

In Maths this half term we are looking at multiplication and arrays, and adding and subtracting with bigger numbers.  We are also measuring time, length and capacity. We are becoming more effective in choosing the correct method of working and we try to always remember to show our working out in our books. Miss Gould is keen to make sure that we check our working out by using a different method, and making sure we get the same number both times.  Every morning, we practice our times tables.


In our English lessons this half term we are continuing our Extended Stories topic, using George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl.  We have been inspired by Roald Dahl's funny, scary and imaginative writing and we have been writing our own stories, which we will finish soon.  We will be sad to say goodbye to our Roald Dahl book, and hope Miss Gould will continue to bring in other Roald Dahl books for us to share together.  We will then move onto instructional writing and poems from different cultures.

In Science this term we are learning about plants.  When we started the topic, we thought about all the things we thought a plant needed to grow- soil, sunshine and water.  We then decided to test our thinking by starting an experiment.  We have each planted a bean seed and a lily bulb, and we are giving our plants lots of care and attention.  In different groups, we have planted 'control' seeds, to see what will happen when they get different care.  Our plants germinated over the half term break and they are just starting to grow.  We are keeping diaries of their progress.  We can't wait to see what happens to our control plants, and see if we were right! Our control seed in cotton wool has sprouted, can you believe it?


In Combined Studies we are continuing to look at 'Animals'. Before the half term, we enjoyed a trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park. Take a look at all of the photos we took from our trip! We have made animal masks and have researched the RSPCA. The Cats Protection League visited us, and helped us learn how to care for cats.  We learnt so many fantastic cat facts!  This half term, we are sketching our favourite animal, and using watercolours to bring them to life.  We are working hard on our artistic skills, paying attention to shading, texture and patterns.  Next, we are going to be researching endangered animals using the internet and library.  

We have PE on a Tuesday afternoon and we have Mr Ward from NSSport come in to teach us.  With the help of specialist teacher Mrs Newby, we are also starting to learn Goalball.  Goalball is a Palalympic team sport originally for visually impaired athletes, using a ball with a bell inside.  When the ball rolls, the bell sounds so we can listen to its movement rather than looking at it.  So far we are working on rolling the ball to each other, and making sure we warn our partners before we roll it.  Take a look at our video clip below, of us trying out Goalball for the first time. Can you see our blindfolds? It makes it fair for everyone to play together.

On Wednesday afternoons, Mrs Proctor takes us for ICT and RE.

In ICT, we are currently learning how to send and reply to emails, and how to add attachments.  Next week, we will begin learning how to create a blog on the school website which will be available for all to view.  In every lesson, we discuss how to be safe on the internet.

Last term, in RE, we explored the key question 'Does going to a mosque give Muslims a sense of belonging?'  As part of this unit, Mrs Amin from Reception Class came to talk to us about prayer and the act of Wudu.

Please see the timetable attached at the bottom of the page with further information about homework. You can also see our topic plans for the year.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Still image for this video

How a Muslim prepares for and prays

Combined Studies Plan - Autumn Term

Combined Studies Plan- Autumn Term 2

Combined Studies Plan- Spring Term

Combined Studies Plan- Summer Term