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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


The Year 2 team would like to welcome you back after what we hope was a wonderful Christmas break. We have so many exciting things planned for the rest of the year. We are hoping the children are all eager to expand their knowledge further.


Our team is made up of Mrs Brock, Mrs McAloon and Mrs Hughes. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Stanley and Mrs Collins. We are very lucky to have other adults also helping in our class on other days. 


This term we’re going to be learning about 'The Victorians' and 'Animals' in our Combined Studies work.  In Combined Studies the children will get the opportunity to learn about Queen Victoria and her family. We will be looking at what life was like for Victorian children and the jobs they would have had to do. When we move onto our animals unit, we will be looking at endangered animals, how animals are adapted to their environment and we will get to do lots of art bits to improve our sketching and modelling skills. 


In Literacy we are going to be covering some lovely units this term, like stories by the same author and stories with familiar settings as well as explanation texts. Explanation texts will be linking to our science topic about how we digest our food and the human body. 


Reading - The way in which we conduct Guided Reading is that every Monday all children work within small groups, led by an adult, to read, discuss and answer questions based on their understanding of the book. Later in the week they have opportunities to complete other comprehension related tasks and questions which support their reading comprehension. Please continue to read regularly with your child and sign their reading record book.

Grammar – The children are participating in regular Grammar lessons to support their understanding of punctuation and word classes. We try to incorporate this into the other lessons as much as possible. The children are given weekly spellings, which relate to rules that we are working on in class. Please make sure that the children get regular practice of



In Maths, we have moved onto multiplication and division. This will then be followed by statistics. The children are getting much better at showing their working in a variety of different ways. 


We really hope this spring term is a brilliant one for the children and that they continue to progress in their learning through a range of exciting opportunities. 


Miniature gardens for our chosen animals

We're Going on a Bug Hunt!

Pretending to be a chimney sweep

Remembrance Day Walk

Remembrance Day Walk 1
Remembrance Day Walk 2
Remembrance Day Walk 3
Remembrance Day Walk 4
Remembrance Day Walk 5
Remembrance Day Walk 6
Remembrance Day Walk 7
Remembrance Day Walk 8
Remembrance Day Walk 9
Remembrance Day Walk 10
Remembrance Day Walk 11
Remembrance Day Walk 12
Remembrance Day Walk 13
Remembrance Day Walk 14
Remembrance Day Walk 15
Remembrance Day Walk 16
Remembrance Day Walk 17
Remembrance Day Walk 18
Remembrance Day Walk 19
Remembrance Day Walk 20
Remembrance Day Walk 21

Christmas Song List

Instructions for Making Squash

Edible Sparklers

Egg Drop Challenge

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Egg drop

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We were looking at how to protect our heads when we are out cycling- we used eggs to practice making our own helmets


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