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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to our Year 1 class page and the last term of of the academic year! We cannot believe that we have reached this stage of your child's Year 1 journey.


The teachers for our two classes are:

Mrs Smithers and Mrs Tuach (Kangaroo class)

Teaching assistant- Mrs Bexx


Mrs Swart (Koala class)

Teaching assistant- Mrs Lovegrove and Mrs Jayanth


We are very fortunate to have the continued support of our fantastic volunteers who help out in our classes, including Mrs Waters and Maureen, as well as the team of parents who help each week to change our reading books. We are so grateful for their assistance.


In Literacy we will be reading and writing our own non- fiction texts about the seaside in the past and now. We will also be reading traditional tales and stories set in fantasy lands and poems with predictable and patterned language. The children will continue to have their daily phonic lessons as well as having words to practise at home.


The children will continue to have Big Write sessions every Friday. Please remember to talk with the children about their 'talk homework' topic in preparation for this. Talk homework will be given on a Monday.

In Maths, we will be looking at counting, numbers and number sequences as well as consolidating and extending knowledge of place value, ordering and estimating. We will develop our understanding of + and - using different mental calculation strategies. We will work with money and also learn about measuring length, mass, capacity and time which will involve solving word problems. 

In Science, we will learn about how the four seasons are different. We will investigate the sun, shadows and how these change though out the day and year.
We will look at how plants and animals adapt to different weather and conditions.


Our topic for this term is "At the Seaside". In History, we will be comparing seaside holidays in the recent past with those taken a long time ago. Children will sequence events and learn to ask and answer questions about different sources of information.

During Geography lessons, we will be looking at UK seaside locations in pictures and on maps. We will discuss what they were like in the past; how buildings are used etc. We will also identify international seaside destinations.

In Art, we will use the seaside theme, shells, pebbles, rocks, waves, sand etc to inspire our own ideas. We will record from observation and focus of elements of lines, shapes and textures. We will use natural materials to make a sculpture. 


During our ICT lessons, we will be using the internet to research pictures and facts about seaside creatures, places, clothing, and entertainment.
We will be learning how to send and receive an email using our school email system.


In R.E, we will learn about the Jewish faith and how they celebrate their traditions. We will be listening to different stories.


For P.S.H.E, we will be talking about dealing with uncomfortable feelings e.g. jealousy and loss. We will listen to stories, have discussions and make suggestions of ways of dealing with these feelings. We will also be thinking about the changes that have happened in our lives so far and thinking about how things will change in the future, for example: getting ready for our new class in September. 

 P.E. lessons will continue to take place on Tuesdays. We will be practising hard for our Sports Day.


Our homework was sent home at the end of Summer 1 term. Children are required to complete a minimum of four tasks. These will be based around the topic and involve practical and interesting things to do. We have thoroughly enjoyed looking through the fantastic homework that has been sent in to school throughout the year and look forward to this last homework assignment for the year.




Please remember to send children in with water bottles, suncream and hats, especially as it is getting warmer.

Water bottles need to be labelled and in school every day.



Many thanks,

The Year 1 team.


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Mrs Waters Royal tea party

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