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Warburton's Healthy Eating Visit

We had a very exciting afternoon with Alex and Zoe from Warburton's.


They talked to us about the Warburton's company and how it is a business that has been baking bread and cakes for 3 generations of the same family.


We found out about the different roles at Warburton's from the office workers to the delivery drivers. The bakers have a very important job and the inventors are always experimenting with different flavours and textures.


Alex and Zoe talked about the 4 ingredients needed to make bread. They are flour, water, salt and yeast. Zoe did an experiment with the yeast so we could see how it grows and expands. We all smelt the growing yeast.


We found out about the healthy eating guide. Alex talked to us about the different food groups and how we need a balanced diet to give us all the nutrition we need to grow healthily.


Next was the fun bit...we were going to make our healthy sandwiches, using fillings from the different food groups. We had to wash our hands and put on aprons and hairnets. We did look funny! We made our healthy sandwiches, making sure we made choices from the different food groups including some delicious salad options.


After we finished our sandwiches we wrapped them up ready to take home for tea. We learnt lots about healthy eating and had great fun making our sandwiches.


Thank you Alex and Zoe!