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Visit to Reading University

Understanding the Theory of Evolution

As the passionate junior scientists of Churchend adventured through the Cole Museum of Zoology, the fossils were studied by the year 5 and 6 classes.  Everyone had a blast!


The enthusiastic pupils of the school had been learning about the concept of evolution.  The children were there with the privilege to expand their knowledge about the theory of evolution. This is a concept that can take thousands of years or more; however the lucky children understood it within the speed of a click!


The children were roaming through the museum freely to learn and explore new things.  In the museum, there are many specimens ranging from an Indian elephant to the smallest of bugs. The thought-provoking fossils were reviewed by the children of Churchend School. In one of the exhibits, was an interesting hologram of a bird.


“If you were on the left, you could see the skeleton and on the right was the full bird. That is so clever!” exclaimed a year 5 pupil, Harshita.


There was even a prehistoric woolly mammoth tusk! If you go there you will also learn which animal has a legendary unicorn horn.  You didn’t ever think there was one did you?


The lucky children of Churchend also had an exclusive talk about Lucy. Lucy, who is the human and ape’s common ancestor, was a mind-blowing discovery, which helped scientists to learn more details.  Dr Santorelli, the host of the day, explained to the two classes about our past compared to our present. The reason why scientists state that apes and humans are closely related is because Lucy has the characteristics of the two mammals combined.


The Cole Museum of Zoology (at Reading University) is a great place and the day had gone very well. It would definitely be recommended as a good family outing for the Easter break, instead of enjoying an Easter egg hunt love a dinosaur egg hunt. Even if someone in the family doesn’t like fossils there are dot to dots as well as how to draw animals. Mr Allen, a teacher explained “Couldn’t have hoped for any better."