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Viking Longships, Settlements and Runes

During the Autumn Term, Year 4 have taken a voyage of discovery into the realms of history. In depth they have studied the infamous people of Scandinavia, better known to us as the Vikings. They have looked into the mythology and origins of these exciting warriors, studied their voyages, raids and invasions, as well as looking at their homelands, culture and customs.



With a dragon head, brightly coloured shields, and chanting, shouting, hairy norsemen at the helm, there is seldom a sight more iconic than the Viking longship. In a serious feat of engineering, our children have worked incredibly hard to research, design and then create a 3-D model of a Viking longship. Saws, glue guns, paints, scissors and every other piece of stationery available were brought out of drawers and cupboards to complete the tricky project and the children took each stage in their stride; helping eachother when stuck, overcoming challenges and persevering.


We have evaluated different areas that would be suitable for a Viking settlement. Having assessed the pros and cons of each location, we decided our best option would be an area with flat ground, for ease of building, close to a river, for fresh water for drinking, cooking and washing, near a forest for an ample supply of firewood and building material, and finally ideally situated behind a mountain range to offer protection from attack.

The children have built their own Viking settlements that tick all the success criteria boxes we discussed during our learning.

Rune Stones and Jewellery

Understanding the methods with which Vikings would have carved and created beautiful jewellery, worn by both men and women, as well as getting to grips with a whole new runic alphabet were high on our agenda in Year 4. We used clay to recreate a rune stone with our names carved onto them as well as Viking pendants, broaches and arm bands.