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Ure Museum Trip

As part of our Ancient Greece and Greek Myths topics, Year 5 visited the Ure Museum at the University of Reading, which houses one of the largest collections of Greek ceramics in Britain.

Working in detective teams, we used all our senses to investigate the uses of ancient Greek pottery and root out the fake. With our official CSI duties over, we turned our attention to the intricate designs to help us understand life in ancient Greece and used our best amateur dramatics skills to reenact the scenes.

In last six weeks of term, we'll be writing our own Greek myths, producing theatre masks and videoing our own Greek tragedies and Spartan Party Politicial Broadcasts. Given that we'll also be designing and making replica ancient Greek pots, we also took the opportunity to sketch our favourite pottery designs.

Thank you to Mrs Parietti, Mrs Golledge, Miss Beasley and Mrs Felix for all their help on this trip.