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Trips and other activities

Winchester Science Centre

Year 5 had an enjoyable visit to Winchester Science Centre. There were lots of interesting activities to do that required the children to use their knowledge of forces, gears, levers and pulleys, as well as other areas of science. They also visited the planetarium where they saw a show all about the Earth, the sun and the other planets. They all behaved very sensibly and were a credit to Churchend.

Ufton Court

Year 5 had a fantastic trip to Ufton Court at the end of term. They experienced life as Tudors and learnt all about religion, banquets, daily life, food etc. They took part in a range of activities including wattling a basket and archery. They behaved beautifully and were a credit to the school. Sorry for the huge amounts of photos, there were too many to choose from!

Chimney Court

At the start of December, Year 5 took a trip to Chimney Court to sing some Christmas songs to the residents. They practised hard for a couple of weeks and performed 6 different songs. Afterwards, they took time to talk to the residents about their plans for Christmas, among other things. They sang beautifully and represented Churchend extremely well.

Bradfield Science Afternoon

On Thursday 16th November, some Year 5 children attended a Science Afternoon at Bradfield College. They carried out an experiment using live maggots! They were testing whether they preferred light or dark conditions. They took various readings and then took an average of their results. They all participated well and represented the school excellently.

African Mask Painting and Dance Workshop

To mark Black History Month, Year 5 took part in an African mask painting and dance workshop. The children were very excited, especially after raising a fantastic amount of money in the Bring and Buy Sale, to help pay for the workshop. The instructor commented on how well behaved the children were and they showed excellent enthusiasm and effort throughout the activities. They were able to show off their masks and dance during our class assembly at the end of the day.


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