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Trip to the moon

We were very excited about our trip to the moon. We prepared ourselves well for the trip in our spacesuits, space hats and space boots. Some of us brought some technical equipment to record our visit. Our rockets were prepared by the specially trained Mrs Amin and Mrs Thorner and when we had found our rockets, we were ready for take off. The lift off was a little turbulant but we had great views of the earth from space and closer pictures of the craters on the moon. We put on our goggles to look at the fire blazing sun before landing on the moon with a bump!

Once on the moon, we were amazed at the creatures that we imagined were there...huge red spiders, green worms and a few dragons and dinosaurs. We were visited by an alien who scared Mrs Savill so much she screamed! We got on our moon buggies for an explore and found a cave with aliens in. We had a lovely snack on the moon, then it was time to return. The return journey was even more tricky as we passed the asteroid belt, satellites and narrowly missed an aeroplane before landing back on Earth.

The children had so much fun and took part in every element of the imaginative play. It brought to life all the things they have been finding out about space.