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Trip to Rushall Farm

We had a fantastic time on our trip to Rushall Farm.


We spent half the day in the woods and half the day on the farm...


In the woods we collected different leaves and flowers of all different shapes and sizes. We listenend to the bird songs and looked out for minibeasts. Some of us found a frog under some logs! We went into the barn to learn about bees and found out about how bees make honey. We even learnt a bee waggle dance!


We went into one of the barns to see a bat that was nesting in the eaves in the roof. We also went down to the pond to find some creatures that live in the water. We used nets to do pond dipping and found some creatures like tadpoles, water boatmen, leeches and diving beetle larvae!


After eating our lunch in the barn we went over to the farm to meet more animals...


We had a bumpy tractor ride through the woods to the farm. On the way we went through the fields to see the cows. They tried to follow us out of the field! At the farm we saw the kune kune pig Camilla and some of the new piglets. We met the hungry donkeys, Moses and Fizz. They liked to eat their food and make lots of noise! There were some new alpacas on the farm near a field full of poppies. We went to see some of the baby calves and the young lambs. We went in the pen with the lambs and they were soft and fluffy but they did like to nibble on our clothes!

We enjoyed feeding the chickens and they pecked corn from our hands.


We had such a busy day at the farm and lots of fun. Some of us even fell asleep on the way home!