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The Worms Beneath Our Feet - Year 5 Biodiversity Study

At the end of October, Year 5 NA and RT visited Blundells Copse and Rushall Farm to conduct an earthworm survey.  Working in groups, children dug up a 20cm square section of soil and carefully sifted through it to find worms. Each worm was then classified, identified and measured before being released back in to the wild. 

Following the guidance from OPAL, we then introduced a dilute solution of mustard and water to bring the deeper burrowing worms to the surface.  We were amazed by the variety of worms and their size, from one that looked more like a thread from a cobweb to a 24cm long and 1cm wide lobworm (Scientific name: Lumbricus terrestris).

We completed our work later the same week, presenting our findings as science posters, graphing the results and presenting the interesting facts that we've learnt about worms.