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THA Garden Centre Visit

The children walked to a local community group run trading shed on Tuesday. They were met by members of the Tilehurst Horticultural Association, who showed the children how seeds are planted in rows, thinned and replanted to encourage better growth. They saw the different parts of a plant - flower, leaves, shoots, bulb and roots. They were able to look at a number of different tools that gardeners use and find out what they were used for. The THA members then took the children around the trading shed, looking at how they weigh the grass seed and investigated all the useful things they sell for gardeners. This trip was organised to develop their understanding of how a garden centre works and use this real life experience to promote their role play in our classroom 'Garden Centre'. The children purchased some items from the trading shed for our role play area and took part in the complete sales transaction. We bought labels, bean poles and pots! The children were shown the full growing process from the different seeds, to the plants that they grew into and finally the fruit and vegetables that they made. The children were incredibly well behaved, listening carefully, asking appropriate questions of the members and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The Tilehurst Horticultural Association were so helpful, they provide a wonderful service to the community and are always keen for new members. They are running a wonderful summer show with lots of fun activities for the children and do interesting talks on gardening for adults. Please have a look at their website for more information: