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SLE - Amy Brock


Specialist Leader in Education Biography 

Name of SLE Amy Brock
School Churchend Academy
Teaching School Alliance Churchend Teaching School Alliance
Specialism Mathematics and Assessment
Support Phase
KS1 and KS2
Position in school
Assessment Leader and Year 2 Teacher
Number of years teaching
3 years in year 4 and 4 years in year 2.
I have been working within an outstanding school for the past seven years and during that time I have worked within both key stages. I have therefore had to ensure that my own teaching has remained outstanding and I am aware of what outstanding looks like across subjects and year groups. I am currently the assessment coordinator, in charge of mathematics in KS1 and am a forest school leader, so I have observed learning in a range of contexts and from a variety of perspectives.
I was an ECAW lead teacher when I worked in KS2 and through this role I had to support several other schools in the local area.
As part of my teaching school alliance, for the past two years, I have been supporting middle leaders in other schools including schools in special measures, focusing particularly on how to raise standards in mathematics through the use of outstanding teaching and assessment. Each school that I have supported has gone on to make considerable improvements in the opportunities they are providing children and are now better at monitoring progress, so that the improvements could continue once I had left.
Having worked in both key stages and through keeping up to date with new initiatives, I have a broad understanding of mathematics teaching, but particularly on how to raise the ability of the lowest achievers.
I was recently involved in producing a new assessment aid, with other leaders in Reading for mathematics, so that teachers are supported now that levels have been removed. I regularly meet with other assessment leaders and make sure that I am up to date with all the latest arrangements for assessment in primary schools.
I have had to support other teachers from a range of other schools and who were in different stages of their career, which means that I have developed the personal qualities necessary for helping guide and support other colleagues and leaders to success.