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We have been using out large planning books to try out different techniques with the sketching pencils.


We found out that H on a pencil means "hard" and B on a pencil means "black". There are also numbers on the pencils so the higher the number, the harder or blacker it is.

We tried using them to sketch and shade in different ways. We tried different types of lines, straight, wavy, spirals and circles. We shaded thickly and thinly. We tried crossing lines and zigzag lines.


We have also been looking at some African patterns after we read a story set in Africa, "Handa's Surprise". We thought about the different lines, colours and patterns we could see and then tried to create some of our own in our planning books. African patterns are very colourful so we used colourful felt pens. We drew triangles, squares and circles. We did zig zag lines with dots and swirly lines with stripes. We drew crosses and spirals.


We had a look at some of our friends patterns to give us some more ideas and then went back to our own books and drew some more ideas inspired by our friends.