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Hatching Chicks

Year 5 were very lucky to have the opportunity to have 10 chicks hatch in the classroom earlier this term. They arrived as eggs in an incubator and all 10 hatched within 2 days! It was a fantastic learning experience and the children loved holding them and having them in class for just over a week.


This term, we have been learning all about forces. To support our learning, we have carried out a range of exciting experiments. We have repeated Galileo's 'Leaning Tower of Pisa' experiment, to investigate the effects of gravity. We have made parachutes to investigate air resistance. We have tested different materials to see which reduce and increase friction and which would be the best material for bicycle brakes. Finally, we have investigated the effects of water resistance and observed which shapes reduce water resistance. 

Science Week - 20th November

This week we have been taking part in activities for science week. We have been looking at the work of famous scientists and how they influenced the scientific world. Our scientist was James Lind who is famous for finding a cure for scurvy. The class did some research about scurvy, Lind's work and his famous clinical trial. They used prezi to present their information. They also created posters to advise Tudor sailors on what they should do to avoid developing scurvy. Finally, they took part in a clinical trial of their own - to see which type of chocolate (white, milk or dark) improved their speed on a run around the field or playground. The results showed that white chocolate enhanced performance the most!

Testing electrical conductors

This week we have been working in groups to test electrical conductors, to see which made a bulb shine the brightest. We then wrote up our ideas as if we were going to pitch them to a football team, to help them decide on a metal for their new floodlights.

Magic Snow Investigation

In science, we have been learning about the properties of different materials. We carried out an investigation to test for absorbency. We used Magic Snow and tested 3 different liquids (oil, water, milk) to see which liquid the snow absorbed most of.