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Science Week 2017 - Garrett Morgan

As part of our Science Week 2017, Year 6 focused on the Scientist and Inventor Garrett Morgan. To tie in with our topic of Private Peaceful and World War 1, we focused particularly on his invention of the gas mask. Our first task was to research Garrett Morgan and find out relevant information about his life to produce a fact file on him in small groups.

As one of Garrett Morgan's invention was an early version of a gas mask, Year 6 were given the task of investigating filters used on more modern gas masks. We looked carefully at a cross section of a filter to discover it was formed of layers of different materials. To investigate and create our own filters, we used fish sauce to mimic the smell of a harmful gas and give us something to filter out using different materials. Working in small groups, we investigated layering different materials until we had successfully filtered out the smell of the fish sauce.


In Science this term we have been looking at classification of different animals, insects and plants. We designed our own keys in order to investigate the different invertebrates we may find in Blundell's Copse. The keys are dichotomous keys which mean they use 'yes' or 'no' answer questions to help us identify the name of the invertebrate by looking at it. On Thursday 5th October, Year 6 walked to Blundell's Copse and we used our keys to identify different invertebrates. Below are some images of the invertebrates we found.

Invertebrate Investigation in Blundell's Copse