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Spring term science

Through their topics on Rocks and Soils and Forces and Magnets, Year 3 have carried out some interesting experiments. They have made their own fossils, tested the permeability of different soils and planned their own investigation to test the strength of different magnets. They have asked fantastic questions and made some excellent observations and judgements.

Science experiments - Penguins

Mini Professors Science Workshop

During Leonardo Da Vinci theme week, Year 3 were extremely lucky to take part in a science workshop, to learn all about the digestive system and respiratory system. Highlights included making a model to show how poo is created and making a model lung.

Chocolate rocks - Penguins

To kick start their science topic on rocks, Year 3 made their own rocks out of chocolate. They made sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and discussed how they could transform them into igneous rocks.