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Churchend School is not part of the Avenue school. We do not have any special provision.

We are a mainstream school.


When can my child start school?

In Reading children start infant and primary school the September following their fourth birthday. The law says all children must start school at the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday. If a child attends an infant school, they will transfer to a junior/primary school in the September following their seventh birthday.

What if I feel that my child is not ready to start school in September 2021?

Some parents do feel that their child is young for their age, or there may be other reasons for wanting to delay entry to school. In these cases you may be able to defer your child's entry or a child can attend part-time until the child reaches compulsory school age. However this should be discussed with the Headteacher of your preferred school before submitting your application. Children must, by law, start school full time by the beginning of the term after their fifth birthday.

I am not sure which school I want my child to attend and would like to visit the school before making my choice.

We hold tours for parents to visit the school in the Autumn term so that they can have a look around with the Headteacher. He will answer any questions that you have. Please phone the school office ((0118) 937 5450) to make an appointment to attend one of the open mornings. Please note, typically these last about 45 minutes.  The school tour dates will be published on this website in October.  They run through November and early December only.


When should I apply for a school place?

The first year of school is called Reception Year. You will need to apply for your child's school place in the Autumn term of the year before your child starts school. The online application process starts from October for children who are starting school the following September. All applications must be made by mid January of the year your child is due to start.

How do I apply?

An online application form is available from Reading Borough Council. Please see link below. Help is available from the Admissions Team in making your application. Alternatively they can provide a paper form for you to complete. If you apply using a paper application form this application will be acknowledged within 14 days.

I need to apply for a place for more than one child

You should complete a separate application for each of your children. If applying on line or via paper you should go through the same process for each child. You will then receive a separate acknowledgement for each submitted application. If you do not receive an acknowledgement for each child you must contact the Admissions Team at Reading Borough.

Can I write to support my application?

Yes. You have the legal right to explain your reasons for wanting a particular school, including philosophical or religious reasons. However, these reasons will only be taken into account if they are directly linked to the admissions criteria for the schools you have listed on your application.

What address should I use on my application form?

You should use your current permanent address where you are living at the time you fill in the application, and include the Council Tax Property Number for that address. Please make sure that the address and postcode you give us are correct because we may use them to see whether you qualify under a particular admission criterion. We regularly check addresses, including visits from the Children and Family First Workers, and if details are not correct we will withdraw the offer of a school place. For example, it is not valid to state the address of a childminder, grandparent or any other relation.

A pupil's home address is considered to be a residential property that is the child's only or main residence. At the time places are allocated, proof of permanent residence at the property concerned may be required. Where documentary evidence can substantiate to the satisfaction of the Local Authority that care is split equally between parents at two homes, parents must name the address to be used for the purpose of allocating a school place.

If I register my child at a school, does this guarantee them a place there?

No. You will only be considered for a place at a primary, infant or junior school if you apply for a school place online or if you complete a paper application form and return it to the Admissions Team.

If my child currently attends a nursery class at Churchend, will they be guaranteed a place in the reception class?

No, the nursery your child attends does not affect the application you make for reception class. The law does not allow for this as some parents/carers decide not to send their children to nursery but are entitled to the same chance of sending them to a primary school that they want.

Also the policy of the  council is for nursery classes to service a wider area than a single school's catchment area. This means that the number of places in the nursery class is often greater than the number of places in the reception class in the same school.

Your application will be considered in the same way as those for children who do not attend the nursery, and it is vital that you make a new application to apply for a reception place either online or by completing the application form.

We went through the primary admissions process three years ago with our elder child. Has anything changed?

Yes. Some primary school's admissions numbers have been changed and there are also increasing demand for places in reception classes so it is even more important that you apply on time and put 3 choices on your application. Even if you already have a child at the school you need to apply for a place for your younger child.

I know  I want my child to go to Churchend. Why should I request other schools?

If you only list one school you cannot be certain that your child will be offered a place there, and if you are unsuccessful we will not know what your second or third preference would have been. We then allocate the nearest school with a place available. This may not be your catchment area school. If other local schools have more applicants than they have places, you run the risk of being allocated a school some distance away. You are strongly recommended therefore to use all your preferences; doing so does not reduce your chance of getting your first preference school.

I need school with before and after school care. How do I know which schools provide this?

Churchend currently operates a Breakfast Club and  provides after school care.

How do I find out how far away I live from my preferred school and which is my catchment area school?

You can find out details of your catchment area school (which is not always your nearest school) and the distance from an address to a school via Reading school admissions(see contact details below)

How do I get onto the waiting list for a school?

If you are making an application to the reception class, the local authority will hold and manage the waiting list. If you are applying for a different year group at the school, the school will hold the waiting list. If this is the case, please complete the In Year Application form available on this website and return it directly to us either by email or by post. As soon as a place becomes available in the year group, the child who most closely matches our admissions criteria will be offered the place.  The waiting list is only kept for one academic year at a time.

Can I find out where I am on the waiting list for a particular school?

Yes, by contacting the Admissions Team at Reading Borough. Staff will be able to inform you of the position you hold on the list. It is important to remember that you can move up or down this list depending on whether other children come onto or go off the list. For this reason we can only guarantee the position of your child on the list on the date of communication.

If places become available and there are more children on the waiting list than places, how are the available places allocated?

If there are more children on the list than there are places available we will allocate the places to those who best meet the admissions criteria. This will include any late applications. We will use the same criteria as in the initial allocation process.

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.

Contact Details for Appeals:

The web page parents should go to for submitting their appeal online and for information on the appeals process is:


Contact Details are:

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