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Rushall Farm trip


Rushall Farm trip


Today Reception visited Rushall Farm.  It's not far from school but it feels like a magical place far away from suburban Reading.  The view from the coach started getting greener and more open, we saw animals in the fields and there was hardly any other traffic!


When we arrived we had a quick discussion about keeping safe on the farm, and then we took a trailer ride to the animal part of the working farm.  We went in the pen with orphaned lambs, who were so interested in us that the nibbled our shoe laces and zips! We said hello to Bluebell the calf, looked at Camilla the Kunekune pig from New Zealand and then fed the donkeys.  It tickled when Fizzy the donkey took the food from our hands.  We also looked at different farm equipment like the combine harvester which was HUGE!  After all that, it was time for lunch!  We rode back on the trailer which was so exciting.


After lunch we went pond dipping. Did you know that there are minibeasts under water? We found lots! Next we played a game about the food chain, pretending to be blue tits hunting worms.  We also learnt more about life inside a bee hive. We took a walk through the woods, listening to the sounds of the wind through the trees, the singing of the birds and even the distant rumble of a tractor.  We had a go at identifying different trees and we even made our own woodland collage of things from the forest floor.  On our way back, Miss Gould's group were lucky enough to poke their noses into the Granary, a storage barn which has got a swallow's nest and a baby bat roosting in the rafters. The swallow was very active bringing food for the nest.  It had beautiful patterns on its wings.


We had a brilliant time at Rushall Farm as you can see from the photos... some of us even fell asleep on the coach back to school!