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Rushall Farm trip

We had a brilliant day out at Rushall Farm!

We spent the morning looking round the farm and met all the animals. We saw Camilla and Lady the pigs. We met the 2 goats, Daisy and Lily and fed them some carrots. In the chicken run we saw the cockerel and fed the chickens some corn. There were also turkeys and sheep and cows in the fields. Our favourite thing to do was climb into the pen with the young lambs and give them a stroke! We also climbed into the combine harvester and pretended to drive the old farm tractor. 

Then we had a tractor ride to the barn where we ate our lunch.

After lunch, we played a minibeast game where we pretended to be birds looking for caterpillars to eat. We went for a walk in the woods to find different coloured flowers and moss. We also found some creatures living under logs and leaves. We saw spiders, beetles, worms, centipedes and even found a toad! Then we went pond dipping on the little bridge and scooped up loads of tadpoles. We also found some blood worms, water boatmen, pond skaters and leeches.

We came back to school very tired after our busy day but had a fantastic time!

Have a look at our photos to find out more...

Rushall Farm 2014

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