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Welcome to Reception EG!

Welcome to our class!


Miss Gould      Miss Beasley      Mrs Phillips      Mrs Siddiq      Mrs Hunt 

Miss Gould      Miss Beasley    Mrs Phillips     Mrs Siddiq       Mrs Hunt         


Our Day - Summer Term

In Reception, we start our day by putting our belongings away.  We need to read our names on our coat pegs and trays to make sure our things are in the right place.  Every day, a different table group is responsible for keeping our cloakroom tidy. 


After the register, our brains are buzzing and our morning activities start.  This term, we start the day with maths and we are learning strategies for counting, skills for early mathematics and seeing patterns in numbers.  We also practice forming numbers. After break, we go into our phonics groups and practice reading, writing and saying sounds. We then have a carousel of different activities which focus on language and stories.  On Fridays, we have a whole morning of English! We have a whole class writing activity, linked to what we have been learning during the week and our Talk Homework.


In the afternoons, we delve into the Foundation Stage curriculum through topics.  We learn by doing: exploring, asking questions and observing the world around us. This term, our topic is In The Garden.   We are learning about planting, growing, garden minibeasts and animal lifecycles.  To support our topic we will have immersive role play and class visits to Rushall Farm.


Our Grown Ups

We are very lucky to have lots of adults working with us and helping us learn. Our teacher is Miss Gould. We also have Miss Beasley and Mrs Phillips in our class.  Together we work with the class as a whole, in small groups and individually.  We also have Mrs Siddiq supporting children in language skills.  At lunchtime, we have Mrs Hunt looking after us.  She makes sure we go to the toilet, wash our hands and find our tables for lunch.  Mrs Hunt serves our food and makes sure we are settled and happy in the dining room.  Once we have finished our food, Mrs Hunt comes outside and plays with us! We are also making friends with older children in school. Our friends from Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6) bring lots of play equipment to our outdoor area, help set it up and show us how to play, take turns and share.  We love having friends across the school.


Our class - September 2016.  We have changed so much since we first started school!


Talk to us!

Our doors are always open for parents to speak to us.  We are at our happiest when the children are happy and thriving at school.  Longer appointments can be made via the school office. If you haven't already, please sign up to Class Dojo so that we can share information with you.  We'll use this system to send reminders and non-urgent messages.  You can send messages to us too, really building on the home-school partnership.


Achievements at home

We also want to know about the amazing things the children do when they are away from school by filling in a "proud cloud".  A proud cloud is a way of sharing your child's achievements with us in school.  Whatever your child has done, no matter how small, it is an achievement that you are proud of and we want to share that with everyone in class.


Achievements can be learning to do something for the first time, being brave, being kind or persevering with something tricky.  It could be an achievement from swimming lessons, dance class, football club or any other out of school activity.


The most important thing is that whatever your child does to make you proud, we want you to tell us! Please fill in the proud cloud with writing, drawing or photographs and bring to school. Thank you.

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