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  Welcome to Churchend Reception! 


We have two Reception classes in our school. They are Zebra class and Crocodile class. To find out more information about each class, please click on the information tabs below. On this homepage, our classes will try to post photos and details about all the things we have been doing in class and on visits. Please scroll down to see them. We hope you enjoy reading about the fun we have had and don't forget to share these with the children too!

Our classes

Meet the adults who help us in our classes:


Zebra Class





Mrs  Savill   Mrs Proctor   Mrs Amin   Mrs Thorner    Mrs Siddiq   Mrs Whitby


Our teachers are called Mrs Savill and Mrs Proctor. We also have Mrs Amin and Mrs Thorner working in our class. Mrs Siddiq comes to support children with their language skills. Mrs Whitby is our lunch time carer. All our adults help us with our work and look after us. We are so lucky to have them to take care of us!

Crocodile Class




  Mrs  James      Mrs Phillips     Miss Beasley  Mrs Siddiq   Mrs Smithurst


In Crocodile Class we are very lucky to have lots of adults working with us and helping us learn.

Our teacher is Mrs James. We also have Miss Beasley and Mrs Phillips in our class.  Together we work with the class as a whole, in small groups and individually.  We also have Mrs Siddiq supporting children in language skills.  At lunchtime, we have Mrs Smithurst looking after us.  She makes sure we go to the toilet, wash our hands and find our tables for lunch.  Mrs Smithurst serves our food and makes sure we are settled and happy in the dining room.  Once we have finished our food, Mrs Smithurst comes outside and plays with us! We are also making friends with older children in school. Our friends from Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6) bring lots of play equipment to our outdoor area, help set it up and show us how to play, take turns and share.