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Meet Jigsaw Jennie & Paws.

In PSHE this year, Jigsaw Jennie is our Reception friend who helps us with out learning.  We use the chime bar to help us be still, to listen and to be calm but when we don't have the chime bar with us, we raise our 'Paws' hands to help us to pause and think.
In Term 1 our PSHE topic was 'Being Me in My World' and we thought about how to make our school community a better place through our own actions.  In Term 2, our topic is 'Celebrating Difference' and we will be exploring how we are all different and how that is something to celebrate.  We will focus on how to include others in our play, how to help if someone is being bullied or having problems, using kind words and both giving and receiving compliments.  Below are links to the words and music for our new song 'There's a place' which we hope you enjoy singing as much at home as we do at school smiley

Term 1 Together as One

Term 1 Together as One audio

Term 2 There's a Place

Term 2 There's a Place audio

Term 3 Dreams and Goals song words 'For Me'

Term 3 Dreams and Goals 'For Me' audio