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Perfect Pizza

We had a wonderful time on our trip to Pizza Express. We caught the bus from the stop near school and walked through the Riverside to the restaurant.


We learnt about how to make dough and had to push and stretch our own piece to make it the right size to fit the pan. We pinched the sides of dough round the pan to keep the tomato sauce in. We then tried to spread the sauce around the dough base by tipping the base and patting the side. We found this really tricky. Finally we added the mozzarella cheese evenly around the pizza.


We then got a tour of the storage and facilities behind the restaurant while our pizza was cooking. We felt how cold the fridge and freezer were. We also got to taste some hot chocolate and bambinocino! Delicious!


At the end, we got to take our pizza and enjoyed it together on the Riverside. We had to watch out for the pizza pigeon who kept trying to steal our pizzas!


Thank you to Mrs Rathi and Mr Savill for coming with us.