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PE in the hall

We have been doing PE lessons in the hall using all the gymnastic equipment.

We have been using different parts of our bodies to move over, under, through and across the different apparatus. We've used different pieces of apparatus too. We've tried spinning and twisting with the hoops, swinging and climbing with the ropes and rocking and rolling with the triangular mats.

We used diferent parts of our bodies to move; pulling and pushing ourselves along on our tummies or backs, crawling on hands and feet, shuffling and sliding on bottoms. We've also tried to use our elbows and knees to move differently.

We've learnt to travel in different directions; forwards, backwards, sideways and we know to change direction if someone is coming towards us.

Doing PE makes our hearts beat faster and our lungs breathe more oxygen. It helps to keep us fit and healthy. We love PE!