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Parent helpers and volunteers

Parent helpers/volunteers must have a DBS certificate before they can start helping in school.


You must complete the online form first, then bring in your ID to the school office, the DBS certificate will be sent to your home address. Once you have the certificate please bring it to school office where we will take a copy. The office will then speak to teachers about where your help would be best suited.


Volunteers / parent helpers who are undertaking courses.


If you are doing a course that requires a school placement you will be required to pay for your own DBS check, the current fee for this is £54.


All requests must be made in writing via the school office and not via the teaching staff. Please email  


Please email the office with the full details of your course and your requirements, the office will speak to the teaching staff to check if we have an experienced teacher who can accommodate your request.


The office keep records of all parent helpers/volunteers and their DBS certificate number.


We also keep a record of people who have paid the £54 DBS costs.


If you start volunteering in school and then decide to start a course you will still need to pay the £54 fee. If you do not pay the fee we will not be able to accommodate any school visits relating to your course this includes visits from your assessor or course provider.