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Pancake Day

We have had so much fun today! We started by following the recipe of how to make a pancake, looking at the ingredients and what we had to do to make a pancake. We all had a turn to whisk the batter quickly! Mrs Phillips showed us some super flipping of pancakes too. Next we measured the ingredients of the pancake to find out which the heavy ingredients were and which the light ingredients were. We then put them all in order. Finally we got to try some of the pancakes we made at snack time. Yummy!

In the afternoon we looked at why we celebrate Pancake Day and some of the traditions of Pancake Day. We then got to take part in some of these traditions in fun games of tossing the pancakes to see who could toss the most in 30secs, we ran pancake races and played drop the pancake to see how good our aiming skills were.

The teachers all ran a pancake race at the end of the day, which was so funny. We were very good at cheering them on. Mrs Pickford came to join in from Nursery as she had been baking pancakes all day and needed to get out the kitchen!