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Our World - Great Britain


This half term we are learning more about the world in which we live.  We have started the topic by learning more about the world close to home- Great Britain.  We looked at England, Scotland and Wales - learning about important places, landscapes, traditional foods, flags and events.  We were very lucky to welcome Mrs Burridge to our classroom.  Mrs Burridge comes from Wales and although she speaks English, she says words differently to us.  We learnt how to say hello in Welsh!  She brought her dragon along, told us about St David and showed us her traditional Welsh clothes.  Mrs Allen tried on the clothes and we realised they were from a long time ago, when Mrs Burridge was a small child.  Afterwards, we looked at an old photograph of Mrs Burridge wearing her Welsh outfit and we enjoyed holding the Welsh flag together and exploring Mrs Burridge's collection of dragons.

Our World - Finland


We have been learning about Finland, a cold country in Europe.  Finland's flag is dark blue and white, and Finland is quite different to Great Britain in many ways. Finland's animals have thick, furry coats to keep them warm in the snow.  There are wolves, elk, reindeer, huskies, wolverines and lynx.  We have painted cold weather landscapes and added a line drawing of our favourite Finnish animal.   We have been reading stories of the Moomin family, which were written by Finnish author Tove Jansson.  Moomins are funny creatures which are a bit like hippos!  They have names which sound funny to us, like Snufkin, Little My and Moominpappa! If we were Finnish children, we would know the stories of the Moomins very well.    We have also made and eaten Tortu, a pinwheel pastry with jam!  Look at our photos below.

Inspired by a story about a little bear called Betty who gets lost in the snow and becomes frozen, we have been trying to free Lego men from the ice.  Working together, each group agreed where the ice should go to melt it.  We thought like scientists, remembering that ice melts when it becomes warm.  We used the radiator, warm water, a hairdryer, the sun outside and the sun through the window.  Have a look at our science experiment below.