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Our Caterpillars and Eggs

Recently at nursery we have had lots of excitement in watching the real life cycle of the butterfly develop in front of our very own eyes.We had some caterpillar larvae delivered and we watched them grow into caterpillars,they grew so fast.They got very fat too.Next they were spinning their own thread to keep them attached as they started to change into chrysalises.They were put into a butterfly basket with twigs and leaves so they had food ready to eat when they emerged from their cocoon as butterflies.They had such beautiful colours.We finally let them go into our wild area to be free. Hooray! our living eggs have arrived,we have a box with 11 eggs.We have to keep the box warm,so its plugged into the electricity.We are watching carefully to check when the eggs start to crack because that means the eggs are hatching.Its called pipping when this starts to happen.More news later . Wow! we watched the chicks out from their eggs,some hatched in a few days but others took longer.They made a scratching sound and a little hole appeared at first,then they made the hole bigger until they could get out.The chicks looked wet at the beginning but slowly they dried and were soon the fluffy chicks we like to see. When they got too large for their incubator they went into a bigger heated box,now we were allowed to touch and hold them if we were very careful.The chicks began to talk to each other, it was very exciting to hear them cheeping,we enjoyed this very much. Sadly the chicks got too big to keep at nursery so we asked to farmer to take them back to the farm so they could have lots of space to run around in,but we are lucky because we took some photos of them to remind us how exciting it was to have them in nursery.We hope you like looking at them too.