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Our adventure to the moon

A Lunar Adventure


5...4...3...2...1...0... BLAST OFF!


Inspired by Jill Murphy's story, Whatever Next, today we buckled our space belts and went for an adventure on the moon!




We followed the adventure of Baby Bear closely - just like him, we made sure to have all the latest equipment for our mission.  We brought in our dressing gowns, wellie boots, colanders and teddy bears and climbed into huge cardboard boxes ready for our trip.  We counted down, using real commentary and footage from Kennedy Space Centre.


Blast off! We went soaring through the sky, looking at passing planets, shooting stars and even the odd alien.  After time gliding through space and taking photographs, we finally arrived on the moon.  Did you know that there is less gravity on the moon than on earth? Our footsteps were very funny and we could jump really high! We explored the moon with our torches, made telephone calls to our families, took photographs and enjoyed our picnic together.  We ate our jam sandwiches which we had made carefully the day before.  Finally, we tidied the moon before leaving for home.  We buckled up for a final time, swooped through space until we drew closer and closer to home... Coming back down to earth with a BUMP!