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Our 5 senses

We have been learning about our senses.


We have 5 different senses that help us find out about the world around us...
We use our eyes to see.
We use our hands to touch and feel.
We use our ears to listen.
We use our noses to smell.
We use our tongue to taste.


We explored with our different senses. We played a game where we had to use our eyes to spot something missing or the odd one out. We used our ears to listen to different animal noises and see if we knew what animal it was. We used our noses to smell different things and work out what they were without looking. We tasted lots of different fruit at snack time including avocado, pomegranate, greengages and figs.


We found out about how blind people use a language called Braille to help them read. Each letter is made up of a series of 6 raised dots so that blind people use their sense of touch to read letters. Mrs Barnfather and Mrs Lloyd helped us to make our initial letter and we had a turn using Nikhil's Brailler.


Using our senses helps us to explore and understand the world around us!