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 Welcome To Churchend Nursery

We hope you all had a super February Half Term holiday, and enjoyed some fun activities with your family and friends and are now ready to come to Nursery to learn and play.
At Nursery we have lots of kind caring grown-ups to help us learn and be safe, they make everything exciting and fun. Our Nursery teacher is Mrs Morris and our Nursery Nurses are Mrs Pickford,  Ms Croshaw and Ms Danton.

We have all settled in well with no tears, when our mummy leaves us to play with all our new friends and are having lots of fun playing together and will be learning lots of new things this term. We will be learning about Traditional Tales and spending time with the 3 Little Pigs story and Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We will consider different house types e.g. flats/ bungalows/ houses and look at  whether they are joined together or are separate, we will also look carefully at what houses can be made from and how strong they are, this will lead us to test the strength of the houses . We will be trying to learn our own address, i.e. house number and road name  and we will then use our made houses to order numbers in our model house road. We will be discussing safety during the Goldilocks work, with an emphasis on not wandering off alone and not going in a strangers house alone. We will be going outside to play and  looking for signs of Spring  especially on our apple tree which has many buds on it ready for us watch as they grow into shoots and blossom,  we will continue to study our tree throughout the school year ready to complete our own special 'Apple Tree book'. We will begin to plant seeds for the new front garden and will each grow a sunflower for our competition 'who has the tallest flower', we will also grow some potatoes and other vegetables so that the children can readily observe these. Lots of our learning will as always be about learning to be part of a class team and about all the many routines in the Nursery like going into the big hall for PE and needing to take off our socks and shoes putting them tidily together ready to put back on afterwards, always a bit tricky until we get used to it. We will also be learning songs to sing together like our goodbye song 'Wind the Bobbin Up' and some Easter songs e.g. 'Hot Cross Buns', 'Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken lay a little egg for me', and 'Little Peter Rabbit's  got a fly upon his nose', to name but a few which we will be coming home singing to you.
  We will use our outside stage to perform the stories we have been sharing and using our teddy bear mask we have made as props, also we will add our own adventures and endings to these stories to use our imagination through role play. Lots of us are just beginning to be able to recognise the sound at the beginning of our name this is wonderful to see and so very clever!!! we are also listening to environmental sounds to teach our ears to listen very carefully so that soon we will be ready to begin our Phonic learning, we have been so very clever identifying these sounds that we are now learning a new phonic sound and how to form it each week, we are also bringing home our Phonic books weekly to do our homework, if these are completed on time we will get a stamp and each time we have collected 5 stamps we will receive a treat  .
In Nursery we learn to listen, so that we learn new things and become smarter each day. During number we learn to count, order, recognise and use numbers, most of us are beginning to understand about adding two small amounts together to find the total. We learn to be inquisitive about the world around us and question why things happen. In literacy we learn to write our own name, hold a pencil properly and start to form letters correctly, soon we recognise our name, so that we can find our belongings and now name our work just like the bigger children. There are lots of opportunities to talk and communicate with friends and adults, asking questions and responding to others. Outside we can climb, jump, and run or ride bikes around the road track, we also dig or play in the sand and water, all of this is so much fun. Every session at Nursery is busy and fun filled, with lots of different activities to explore. Each session we share a healthy snack of fruit and a drink together, we pass the fruit to our friends, taking a turn and remembering to say please and thank you to each other, if we do our name will be added to the 'Please and Thank you Tree'. At the end of each session we share a story together and sing songs, sometimes they have actions to remember as we sing, we always sing our song to say goodbye to all our friends (Wind the Bobbin Up). At Nursery everyone is friends together, we share and take turns with the apparatus and toys.
On Monday, we bring a piece of fruit to share with all our friends at snack time.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we need to remember our book bags so that we can choose a book from the library to take home and share with our family.
Tuesday is also our PE day, so we need to wear something comfortable to run around in and wear socks that we can readily put on (not tight ones) and shoes we can fasten.
Most weeks we cook on Friday and make a treat to take home to share, unless it’s too messy to carry home, then we usually eat it at snack time in school.
Also on Fridays we can bring something to show our friends and talk about in ‘Show and Tell’, this is a good time to build our confidence talking to others in a big group.
At Nursery sometimes things seem difficult, but everyone is there to help us and encourage us to succeed. We learn to have a try at everything and usually we surprise ourselves at how clever we can be. It’s lots of fun and day by day we understand more and want to know more.
MORNINGS: 8.45-11.45AM          AFTERNOONS: 12.30-3.30PM
Please remember to be on time, so that you don’t miss any of the fun!!