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We hope you all had a super Half Term holiday with lots of fun and are ready to come back to Nursery to learn and play. We are all now coming into Nursery happily and have settled well into the Nursery routines and will be trying really hard to write our names independently and remember and recognise our numbers. We have started to learn our sounds in our Read, Write, Inc sessions and are all trying very hard to remember these, the older children have begun to bring home Phonic Homework to share with an adult at home, to reinforce their learning most of these are looking fantastic. We have also begun our BLAST speech and language work, where we learn to listen very carefully and answer questions about stories or pictures and learn to follow increasingly difficult instructions to improve our comprehension and listening skills, the groups doing this so far have been amazing offering responses far in excess of the expectations, so a big well done to all you little stars!  

At Nursery we have lots of people to help us learn and play, our teacher is Mrs Morris and Mrs Pickford and Ms Croshaw are our nursery nurses, Mrs Bexx comes to play at lunch time.

On Mondays we need to bring a piece of fruit to share at snack time, this is when we sit down together for a  piece of fruit, a drink of milk or water and a chat. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we need to remember our book bags so that we can choose a book from the library to take home and share with our family. On Tuesday we also have P.E. so we need to wear something comfortable to run around in and wear socks that we can readily put on (not tight ones) and easy to put on shoes. Most weeks we cook on Friday and make a treat to take home to share, unless it's too messy to carry home, then we usually eat it at school. On Friday we can bring something to show our friends and talk about in 'Show and Tell' this should begin with the focus letter of the week which can be seen on the inside porch door, this is a good time to build our confidence talking to others in a big group . On Thursdays we will bring our Phonic Homework books home, to find pictures to stick in which begin with the sound we are learning each week and to practise writing the letter, it is really important to only do the letter we have been learning for the week so that the children do not get confused or over loaded, so far they have been producing fantastic well formed letters and are remembering the sounds covered really well.

At nursery we always say and, we learn to share and be kind to our friends, sometimes this is difficult, but everyone is there to help us and encourage us to succeed. We learn to have a try at everything and usually we surprise ourselves at how clever we can be.
Each day we count, make marks, practise writing our names, listen and find out about the world we live in. It's lots of fun and day by day we understand more and ask more.

Mornings: 9.00-11.30
Afternoons: 12.50-3.20
Please remember to be on time so that you don't miss any of the fun