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Dear Parents

Thank you for your responses, your support, and your understanding last week. I imagine it was extremely difficult making last minute changes to accommodate the lockdown and school closures.  Please use the communication email links to the teachers that can be found in the class pages: This will be the “go to” for support.

Staff will also be phoning parents to offer support and feedback where necessary.

Please use the link below for information on which children may attend school during the closures. We still have parents asking for places. This is strictly determined by being children of critical workers or vulnerable children as defined by the DFE. We are also limited by the physical numbers and the space that we have in order to social distance and minimize transmissions of the virus.

The guidance clearly says if it is possible keep your children at home. This will help minimize the risks of transmission.

Critical worker children

Your child’s school or college will speak to you to identify whether your child needs to attend. You should keep your child at home if you can.

They may ask to see simple evidence to check whether you are a critical worker such as your work ID badge or a pay slip.

Attendance at school and college

During the period of national lockdown, primary and secondary schools and colleges, will remain open to vulnerable children and young people and the children of critical workers only.

Parents will not be penalised for their child’s absence during this period.

Children and young people are eligible to attend school or college if:

• At least one parent or carer is a critical worker, and they can’t keep their child at home. Critical workers are those whose work is critical to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and EU transition response

• They meet the definition for vulnerable children and young people

Schools and colleges will not allow other pupils to attend at this time. If your child is not in one of these groups they will receive remote education.


There is some indication that we may only have a full return to school on the 22 February. Contact us at school if you are experiencing any difficulties.

Take care

Richard Pearse