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Update Letter

Churchend School

Usk Road, Tilehurst, Reading, RG30 4HP
Tel: 0118 937 5450, Fax: 0118 937 5452

Principal: Mr Richard Pearse B.Ed. MCCT

Dear Parents                                                                                                   5th February 2021

Thank you to all our families who are supporting us through the lockdown. You are doing a fantastic job of managing the remote learning with your children. It is difficult trying to manage your work responsibilities and the children at the same time. Please do not be concerned about the progress of your children. Teachers report that they are doing fine and we shall soon be back and will make up for lost ground. If you have worries please speak to your class teacher so that we can support.  Currently we have just over a quarter of the children in school.

Video conferencing with the children and regular catch up calls will continue to take place. Microsoft Teams is being used to bring groups together more as an engagement tool rather than as a teaching delivery tool.  We are improving all the time. If you have issues with availability of devices or online learning, speak to your class teacher. We can try to help.

Lateral Flow Tests have been made available for regular staff testing in primary schools. It will take place twice a week. This is intended to identify positive cases of coronavirus who are asymptomatic because the science shows that up to 1 in 3 people with covid are asymptomatic (they don’t have any symptoms).


The government seems to be aiming for a return to school on the 8th March. We are hoping to have more information around the 22 February. That’s gives us 3 more school weeks of home learning to endure. Hang in there and we will update you as soon as we know more. The best advice at the moment is to stay at home as this will reduce the spread of the virus. We have implemented a strict triage system to ensure that children who have parents working at home are kept at home so that we can try keep the numbers of people in school to a minimum.


If you have well-being or safeguarding concerns then please do contact the school and we will offer support where we can. Use the teachers as a point of contact or the following email:


We are expecting light snow this weekend and next week. Decisions on school closures are always made by 7am, sent out by text and email and are placed on the website. We tend to stay open unless the bus lanes are closed and parents and staff cannot safely use the roads. We advise children to bring extra clothing: wellies, gloves, hat and a change of socks. In these cold conditions our children still do play outdoors during lunch and breaks even when cold as this builds resilience and it is safer than being in a classroom at the moment.


Please look after yourselves and do contact your children’s class teachers if you have any concerns


Richard Pearse