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School Closure 4th January 2021 *UPDATED*


Dear Parents                                                                                    

4th January 2021      


I write this at 20:30 following the Prime Minister’s announcement that all schools will be closed except for key/ critical worker’s children and vulnerable children. This initial response will prepare the way for the remote learning and provision for key workers.


Remote Learning

On the 5th January all parents will be sent an email by a member of staff to explain what is happening. We have set up an improved programme of learning delivery and parents will be able to communicate to staff via email when support is needed. Please only use this when it is necessary as teachers will have limited time to respond due to the delivery of face to face sessions as well as monitoring the remote learning. We know it is challenging and we will offer as much support as we can.


If your child is not in school then there will be an expectation that they will be learning for about 3 hours per day. Learning progress will be monitored and we will follow up with any child who is not meeting expectations. This will be documented as part of our progress reviews. Children will receive feedback, where age appropriate, via Purple Mash or email. Staff will email or make calls from time to time so do expect a remote visit.


Children of Critical/ Key Workers

We will offer places to children of Key Workers from 8.55am-3.15pm and our Breakfast and After School Club will run from 7.45am until 6pm for those who require wrap around care. The usual charges will apply for wrap around care; we are unable to offer this free of charge as we are currently running the provision at a loss.

If you are a Key Worker (please see government definition of a Key Worker at the end of this letter) and require a place in school for your child or children please reply to  by 10am on the 5th January, with both the name of your child/children AND which class/es they are in.


If you are a Key Worker but do not require a place at school/have alternate provision for your child then please keep your child at home as we are trying to minimise contact with people to prevent further spread of the virus.


If you have already replied today before this announcement and have not yet heard back, then take this as your child does have a place and we thank you for your swift response.

Thank you all for your ongoing support. We will get through this together.



Yours sincerely

Richard Pearse